Calculate Your Odds of Winning Blackjack

One of the most popular games at a casino is Blackjack, mainly due in part to its simplicity and easy to understand rules. Although it may appear to be simple at face value, there are important aspects such as calculating your odds of winning that a player should know. If you know the odds of winning blackjack you will be one step ahead of the game.

How to figure odds of winning at Blackjack


Know how many decks are used:The most important step in calculating your odds knows how many decks are used at your table. Casinos will vary the amount of decks used making the number of cards different at every table.


Know the Rules:The next thing you need to do is know all the rules for your specific table. Rules will also vary by casino and even each table in the casino. Some may let you double down on any 2 cards, others will only allow it when you between 8-11. Other factors such as being able to split, surrender and how much Blackjack pays out will ultimately determine the odds. For a list of rules and how to play Blackjack click here.


Do the math:Once you have all the rules and other factors down you need to do some simple math. It is a bit lengthy but overall very basic division and multiplication. You will need to write down a lot of numbers which is fine if you’re playing blackjack online, but in a casino this will most likely not be allowed. Unless you’re “Rainman”, it’s best to use a blackjack calculator. This will be the easiest way to know all the odds of winning Blackjack.

Even though it will be very difficult to calculate your odds of winning Blackjack in your head, there are some easy statistics that you can remember and will be very useful.


Odds of busting when you hold:

16 62%
15 58%
14 56%
13 29%
12 31%
11 or less 0%

Chance of dealer busting when his face card is:

2 35.4%
3 37.7%
4 39.4%
5 41.6%
6 42.3%
7 26.2%
8 24.5%
9 22.8%
10 21.2%
A 11.5%

It’s easy to see that when the dealer has between a 4 and 6 his chances of busting are the greatest. This is why basic strategy will dictate that you should almost always stand when the dealer up card is one of these.

Knowing Blackjack odds of winning such as these can help you make better informed decisions while playing. If you have an awareness of how likely an outcome will occur you can adjust your play to an optimal state. Using the calculator and the stats provided your next Blackjack venture is sure to be profitable.

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