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Don’t play casino games until you read these etiquette rules first

If you love playing online casino games, but you’re craving real world action, a trip to Las Vegas might be in order. While Sin City is a blast, if you’ve never played in a live casino before, you run the risk of making some big iGaming mistakes.

Online casino games are fun because it’s just you, you can take your time, and there are no people or rules to worry about. But when you jump into the real world, suddenly etiquette counts for a lot.

It’s not as simple as sitting down at a table and playing. There are some key things you need to know so that you don’t come across as an uninformed casino player. Today, we’re covering all the major ones. We hope you find it helpful.

Buy chips between hands

innerchips13042016Whether you’re out of chips or you’re just sitting down to play, wait to buy your chips between bets. There’s nothing worse than interrupting a table with a bunch of cash. For one, the dealer won’t help you out until all bets have been paid out. And secondly, it’s just plain rude.

Always place the cash down on the table

Never hand the dealer your money. Dealers aren’t allowed to touch you or be seen performing any sort of transaction that involves your hands and theirs at the same time. The eye in the sky needs to watch everything to ensure that no rules or laws are being broken by you or the dealer. When you sit down to play, put your money on the table and bring your hands back toward your direction. The dealer will then pick up the money and count it right in front of you, and then hand you chips for the exact amount.

Wait to grab your winnings until the dealer says it’s ok

innerwinnings13042016There’s no better feeling than watching a $10 bet pay off in spades at the Roulette table, particularly when you’ve bet on a single number and you’re now sitting on $350. But before you grab your winnings, wait until the dealer gives you the go-ahead. This is especially true in games like Roulette where there are a ton of chips on the table and things can get a little chaotic.

Don’t get plastered

The best thing about Las Vegas is the free booze on the casino floor. Casinos want you to drink, particularly because drinkers tend to be bad decision makers. And bad decision makers are in turn horrible gamblers. But that doesn’t mean you should go overboard. If you’re too drunk to even stand up, or you’re so drunk that you’re incoherent, falling asleep at the table, or being just plain rude, casino security will kick you out. Enjoying a couple cocktails can be fun as long as you keep things socially enjoyable for everyone.

Ask the dealer “What does the book say?” instead asking for advice

innerbook13042016Dealers don’t like it when you ask them for advice, primarily because they don’t want to be blamed if a bet goes south. So instead of asking a dealer what you should do with a certain Blackjack hand, ask the dealer what the book says. Some games, like Blackjack, come with basic strategy that doesn’t sway no matter what your playing style or bankroll might be right. If you’ve got a 15 and you’re facing off against a 6, the book says stand. If you don’t know this, asking the dealer will help. Just don’t ask him or her what you should do because, while it’s essentially the same question, they’re not the one providing the direction explicitly.

Know the rules of the game

The absolute worst thing you can do at a Las Vegas casino is sit down at a game you have no idea how to play. Yes, some dealers are happy to teach you the rules of the game. And if you’re sitting down at a completely empty table, go nuts. But if you’ve decided to take a seat at a full table, stopping to ask for directions will only anger your fellow players. There are all kinds of tutorials online to teach you the rules of the game. A good place to start is right here at Slots of Vegas. You can even play free casino games to help you get the hang of something completely foreign. In no time, you’ll become a pro.

Understand the hand signals of the game

innerhand13042016Some table games require hand signals, particularly those that require you to make a decision. It’s not enough to tell the dealer you want to hit or stay. Instead, you must use a hand signal to let the dealer know your intention. Hitting involves tapping the felt. Staying involves waving your hands over your cards. There are also signals to split a hand and to double down. The reason you need to know and use these hand signals is specifically to prevent dispute. If you ask the dealer to stay and he gives you a card that ends up busting you, you’ll not only lose your money, but you’ll also lose your cool. But if it’s just your word against the dealer’s, chances are you’ll lose that hand. By signaling, you prevent any confusion. What’s more, should there be a dispute, the pit boss can go to the eye in the sky to see what actually happened.

Tip your dealer

Dealers don’t make a lot of money. Like cocktail waitresses and bartenders, Vegas dealers are in it for tips. Many dealers covet the high roller tables where tips flow aplenty. But if you’re not a high roller, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip. If you find yourself on a sick run, it doesn’t hurt to hand the dealer $25, especially if you’re up $1,000 or more. Even a token $5 can go a long way. If you’re not a fan of tipping, you don’t have to. And chances are, a dealer won’t say anything to you. But if you’d really rather not be too embarrassed about not tipping, consider playing online casino games instead where tipping is not even an option.

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