How to Take Advantage of Slots of Vegas Bonus Codes

Going to a casino for an evening of gambling can usually result in the gambler earning some comps. Which gambler does not enjoy a little extra bonus for their willingness to spend their hard earned money at their casino? Online casinos, such as offer a number of different bonus codes that provide players on their site many different ways to earn either extra deposits or bonus games. Most of the bonus codes are actually associated with new players making their initial deposit with the site. There are currently two promotions offered by Slots of Vegas that are geared toward developing long term customer loyalty.

There really hasn’t been a better time to join Slots of Vegas, and the two new player bonuses prove that point. The first coupon code is NEW250, which entitles a new player to receive a bonus of 250% on your first deposit. The bonus maxes out at $2,500, but is entirely free. The bonus is eligible for both slots and keno, and applies for deposits of $30 or more. If a player is really interested in playing slots, this bonus code is a perfect fit. It is hard to find a competitor that has a bonus code this attractive.
If slots isn’t necessarily you thing, then offers a second bonus code for all other allowed games. With bonus code NEW190, a new player can get a bonus of 190%, or up to $1,900 for free. Just like the NEW250 bonus code, NEW190 only applies to deposits over $30, can be used only once, and is not allowed for playthrough to either Black Jack or Video Poker.

It is important to remember that these bonus codes must be redeemed immediately following your deposit. If you begin to play before redeeming the bonus code, your new player eligibility will be voided. Be sure to read the site rules and bonus policies before beginning the process.

For both of these codes, standard bonus rules apply. Essentially, these rules state that it is solely the responsibility of the player to review the Terms and Conditions to ensure compliance and proper procedures. Standard rules also state that promotional bonuses are non-cashable. This means that bonus money must be put at risk before it can be withdrawn by the player. The bonus money is to be viewed as something separate from your normal deposit or earnings. The bonus money must be wagered before it can become part of the earnings or as part of the withdraw-able funds.

Bonus codes are designed to attract new players to casinos. While there are plenty of options available at online casinos everywhere, you will be hard pressed to find as attractive of a bonus structure as what has to offer. Bonus codes like this are what wins players over, and makes them advocates of you casino for years to come.


You can always create your own bonus code by visiting our Casino Bonus Code Creator Page

Susan Sedlak

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