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So, you enjoy Keno, and now you’re ready to take it to the next level. In the game of Keno, we are all at the mercy of Lady Luck, but there are still things we can do to make the most of it besides praying. To develop a sound Keno strategy, read one. Follow our handy Keno guide and you could very well become a Keno master in no time.

Finding the Right Game

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To apply a solid Keno strategy, you need to find the right Keno game. Different Keno games have different paytables. While you may get bored doing research on which game offers the best payouts, stick it out. After all, just think of how much happiness you could buy with your maximized winnings. Let’s take a look at two different casino paytables.

One keno game may offer 12:1 payout on a $10 wager if you pick two spots and catch both of them. This same casino offers nothing for only catching one of those spots. A second casino may offer only a 7:1 payout for the two spots, but at least it will give you something for catching only one spot. At first glance, the casino with the 12:1 payout seems all fine and dandy. Just think of all the money you would win if you got both spots! But then again, you’re probably not as lucky as you’d like others to think, and definitely not as lucky as you tell yourself you are. A good Keno tip is to find the online casino that will pay you even for a single spot. It might be a consolation prize, but hey – let’s take what we can get.

Practice Keno for Free First

Before diving in with your bankroll cocked like a smoking gun in an old western movie, maybe try out a few practice rounds. If you find an online casino that has a practice mode or free play option, jump on the opportunity. After all, you can get used to the look and feel of the game without focusing too much on losing all your money. This is a win/win situation. You can also start to figure out what the paytable means. When the payout is applied to your wallet, it’s more than a vague mathematical concept. It’s okay, math might not be your thing. That’s why you should make the most of free play.

Make sure you’re doing your best to look at multiple online casinos and Keno games before picking and playing one. It could make a huge difference. In other words, if you don’t shop around a few online casinos first, you might as well throw your hard-earned cash in a paper shredder.

Betting Big or Small

Another smart Keno strategy is how much to bet. If you’re feeling like a high roller (or better yet, if you have a million dollars to blow in one night) betting big is the way to go. But there are different ways to allocate your money which can bring in higher winnings. By betting higher on fewer games, that payout ratio which you already love can be doubled or even tripled depending on how much you bet.

If you’re a betting monster that can’t be stopped, then try betting big on fewer numbers instead. Just think, if you pick and catch 2 out of 2 spots, the payout is 12:1 and your chances are 1 in 16. If you try to catch 8 out of 15 chosen spots, the payout is a whopping 25:1 but your chances are 1 in 136. I know you’re a math genius and all (or at least I’ll pretend you are) but it makes way more sense to bet higher amounts on the 2 spots rather than the 15 spots.  Now, this is only if you’re playing a regular game focusing on your winnings round to round. But if you’re feeling extra lucky and want to aim for the jackpot, you have to bet on the maximum number of spots in order to even qualify for it.

If you’re trying to play over a longer period of time, you should bet small. This is especially lucrative if you don’t have a wad of cash to drop on a single game of Keno. We won’t judge you if you do. But if that was the case you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. But the smaller your bet, the more games you can play. If you want to play with real money but want to practice the game without the risk, this method will be your best friend.

Whatever type of game you’re playing boo, you do you. Just have fun and don’t let your bankroll dry up.

The Magic Numberkeno

What is the magic, winning number? It’s a trick question! Keno numbers are picked in a totally random way. They roll out of one of those big, spinning ball machines or are produced by a random number generator (RNG). So unless you’re a master computer hacker and can break a tough algorithm, there is no way to guess which numbers are going to be chosen. I know it’s common to feel like a number hasn’t shown up for a few rounds, and therefore is itching to come out. Or maybe a number’s been showing up a few times in a row so it’s dripping with luck. But the truth is, buddy, it’s still completely random. So don’t put too many eggs in one strategy basket. Or do. It’s all random anyways.

After reading our Keno guide, are you feeling like a know-it-all now? Log on to Slots of Vegas and try a game of Keno out for yourself. Test out your new Keno strategy – in no time you’ll start betting big and winning bigger!

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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