Learning the Basic Casino Jargon (Part 2)

As we know, the gambling industry has a set of terms, casino lingo if you will, of its own. There are a whole set of terms, such as the “All in”, and many more that can all be somewhat confusing for inexperienced player. The idea of this series of posts is to have a list accessible for our readers when you’re ready to talk to other casino enthusiasts.

To accomplish this, we are making a list of all the terminology in alphabetical order so it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Here is the second part of the list:

Deal: It refers to the action of giving out the cards during a hand.

Deuce: A card with a value of two

Dice: Two identical cubes with the numbers 1-6 on the sides. They are commonly used in the games of Craps

Die: Is the singular term for dice: one die, two dice.

Discard Tray: Where the dealer places all the cards that have been played or discarded, it is a small tray located to his right side.

Double Down: During a game of Blackjack, a player has the option to double the original bet in exchange for receiving one additional card. In order to do it, the player turns over the first two cards he was dealt and has to place a bet matching the original one.

Draw Button: This button allots the player to draw up to 5 new cards during a game of video poker.

Even Money: It is usually shown as 1:1. Even money is when you will get paid back the same amount that you wagered.

Face Cards: It makes reference to all the cards from any suit which are: the jack, queen, and the king on a deck.

Flop: When playing a poker game of Texas Hold’em, the three cards that are dealt face-up in the centre of the table are called the flop

Flush: This is the name of a poker hand formed by five cards of the same suit in no particular order

Fold: When a player declines a bet and drops out of a poker hand, this is known as a fold.

Four Of A Kind: It refers to four cards of the same rank, this is also called quads.

Full House: This is also a poker hand, this time formed by three cards of the same kind and a pair.

How many of these expressions did you know?

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