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Slots of Vegas Download vs. Instant Play

Slots of Vegas online casino is one of the better places to play all your favorite casino games. They offer over 100 games to choose from and lots of bonuses to new and existing players.

One of the best features about this casino is the fact that you can play both directly from the browser or through a downloaded software. Players are given two choices: A Slots of Vegas download option or the no download version. In case you aren’t familiar with these two ways to play, let us explain them both and lay out the benefits of each choice.

Download Version

The downloadable version of this casino is just like any other program you would install on your computer. You click a button to start the installation process and it quickly installs all the files and other programs needed to run.

The download is 100% free and safe and will is easy as clicking a few buttons to complete. You need not to be a computer savvy person to complete this process.

Casino Software Advantages

The Slots of Vegas Download features all of the games and all other options that they offer. Everything that Slots of Vegas has is in the download version.

The graphics are great and at full capacity as well as sound and other game-play aspects.

Download Disadvantages

There aren’t many negatives about using the download version except for a few that may actually be myths.

Some people feel that downloading the software may mess their computer up or give it a virus. This tends to draw people away from using this version, but it is totally false. Slots of Vegas and about 99.9% of all other casino software out there is always safe and will never harm your computer.

The only real disadvantage may be if you have a small hard drive or old computer that does not meet today’s standards. The program may hog your computer’s resources and cause it to run a little slow. However, if you have bought a computer in the last 10 years or so, you should be ok.

Slots of Vegas Instant Play

The no download version is a flash program that runs using a program many games use. If you go on Facebook and play the games, they are likely using the type of software that runs the instant play version at slots of Vegas.

You may need to install or update the flash program that it used to run this version, but it takes up very little resources and is easy to do. Most flash installs run Shockwave or Adobe which is a common name in the computer and well-respected name in the computer world. There is no need to worry about getting any type of virus or other r malicious programs. I will give you the shirt off my back if it happens.

Instant Play Advantages

Using the flash version allows to click on a button and instantly play the Slots of Vegas casino games. No download is required and you will automatically be taken to the casino lobby.

This version is also good for those who use Mac computers or other types of operating systems other than Windows. The download version is not compatible with non-Windows computers and will not work. This makes the flash version a perfect alternative.

Instant Play Disadvantages

The graphics will not be as good since you are not installing all the drives and files to make the graphics crisp and clear. This is not s huge issue as the gameplay is exactly the same.

You will also need to go to the website each time you wish to play. With the download version, you will have a shortcut or icon on your computer that you click on and it will launch the Slots of Vegas real money online casino. Again, not a huge issue just another step that is needed to play.

Overall, both options are great regardless of which one you use. They both offer something unique and have both advantages and minor disadvantages. It more or less boils down to personal preference as to which one you use.

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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