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What Are Blackjack Betting Systems?

Casino games tend to put people in a clever mood; everyone wants to take a shot at beating the system. Each game attracts a different type of player, and therefore a bunch of different strategies begin to be concocted. Of all the games in the casinos, very likely the one that has one of the biggest fan bases and one of the largest numbers of strategies accumulated over time. Blackjack betting strategies are a very popular topic on the web, so it is always good to take a moment to talk about them. Here is a quick look at some Blackjack betting strategies.

Types of Blackjack Betting Systems

innersystems106012015Before we get into the actual Blackjack betting systems, you should know about the two different types of Blackjack betting systems that there are – positive progressions and negative progressions. Positive progressions in general terms imply raising your bets after each win. This means that your following bigger bets are primarily funded by the money you win with the prior bets. These are more conservative betting systems. Negative progressions are based on raising your bet after each loss. These kinds of betting strategies are much more dangerous; a string of losses can severely hurt your bankroll. The advantage, however, is that since your bet is larger after a loss you can recuperate in one session what you lost previously. Keeping that in mind, we will now cover some Blackjack betting systems.

Oscar’s Blackjack Betting System

innersystems206012015Oscar’s Blackjack Betting System is possibly one of the best Blackjack betting systems in existence if your goal is to win in the short term. In the long run, pure betting systems do not win in the long run. If you are not in it for the long run and just want to win a nice chunk of change one weekend at Vegas or someplace of the sort, then this is a very good betting strategy for your style of play. Oscar’s Blackjack Betting System combines the best parts of both positive and negative progressions. It permits you to suffer a bad string of losses without completely busting out, and a few short runs can win you back your previous losses in a series. Strings of losses hurt less, and strings of wins pay more.

Here is how it works: your objective is to make a profit of one unit (a unit counts as the minimum bet allowed, for example one dollar). Once you manage that you begin a new series. If you win the first hand, the second hand you bet the same. If you lose the first hand then you also bet the same. You do this until you gain a profit of one unit. If you win the first hand and the second hand, then you double your bet to two units, or for the sake of the example, two dollars. In other words, if you lose a two dollar bet, your next bet is a two dollar bet until you have a win. Then you raise your bet one unit to a three dollar bet. In essence that is all you have to do; it is quite simple. One rule: do not place a bet that would result in a win of more than one unit. If you lose that hand, it offsets the whole system.

Martingale Blackjack Betting System

innersystems306012015The Martingale Blackjack betting system is another well-known betting system that many people use. It is a purely positive progressive betting system. It is a pretty straight forward betting system. Basically the way it works is that you begin betting a low amount and every turn you double your bet no matter what happens. In theory since you are doubling your bet every time, each win can make up for previous losses. The problem is that this strategy depends heavily on luck. If you hit a good streak you can win big, but you never know when you might hit a bad streak, in the worst case scenario you could lose your whole bankroll. It is a very risky betting system, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless.

The system is based on the concept of coin flipping. If you toss a coin and it lands heads, you win; if it lands tails, you lose. If, then, you double your bet every time, you have a 50/50 shot of making up for any previous loses. The issue is that that a coin lands tails 10 times in a row is rare but not impossible. This can also be said of Blackjack. There is nothing suspicious about or out of the ordinary getting beat by the house 10 times in a row.

Most professionals will tell anyone who wants to use Blackjack betting systems that it is best not to rely solely on betting systems. It is better to play the odds, use the system if you need to, but also go with your gut every now and then. Betting systems are humankind’s way of trying to impose order on luck.

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