When to Stop Gambling: Top 5 Signals

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re having fun but it’s even easier to get carried away when you’re losing (this goes for most things). Therefore, as responsible and careful gamblers, it’s important to be aware of the signs that can cause you to potentially lose big time. It’s important to remember that everyone can get carried away, no one is immune so be careful and keep your gambling in check so you can continue to enjoy it responsibly.

Signal 1 – You’ve lost more than you’ve set out to lose. If you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t actually set out a budget each time I play”, you should probably consider starting to make that a habit. Smart budgeting is the first step to gambling responsibly. Set out a certain amount (can be monthly, weekly, or per gambling session) and if you lose that amount, walk away.

Signal 2 – You’re gambling to pay off a debt. Stop! Walk away now! Never ever (and I mean NEVER) gamble to pay off a debt. Gambling is a way to have fun, it’s not a way to make money. You can never control the odds in a way that will ensure that you win (even though I do hope that you do!). Gambling when you owe money is risky and irresponsible. Walk away.

Signal 3 – You’re under the influence of alcohol of drugs. Don’t meddle with money when you’re not sober. Don’t do anything that involves your future when you’re not sober. This includes driving, getting married, oh yeah, and gambling too. You can easily wake up a whole lot poorer and not even remember a thing. Keep a buddy or spouse handy for times when you’re not exactly at your most sober state…

Signal 4 – You’re gambling in secret. Secrets are generally bad but when it comes to problem gambling, lying or being secretive about your gambling nearly always goes hand in hand with a gambling problem (or the beginning of one). If you can’t be open about your gambling then it’s time to get help and oh yeah, stop gambling.

Signal 5 – You’re borrowing money to gamble. Again, gambling is meant to be FUN and for people who enjoy gambling responsibly, it’s meant to be done with a set budget and money that you can afford. In the same way that you shouldn’t be borrowing money to go shopping (and this includes credit lines!!!) you most certainly shouldn’t borrow money for gambling.

Be smart. Gamble responsibly and enjoy it more! Your winnings will be so much sweeter and your losses will be just losses.

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Colin Jones

Colin Jones is a born and raised Chicago writer specialized on topics related to the casino and gambling industry. Having years of experience on the field, Colin will keep you in touch with the latest news and advances on the casino industry.