4 Roulette Strategy Tips Straight from a James Bond Movie

James Bond is the fictional spy created by writer Ian Fleming. Bond is the man every other man wants to be and the man every woman wants to have. Bond is suave, savvy, and cool, such a stalwart example of a man that he even has his own betting strategy for Roulette, called the James Bond Strategy. This method was made famous in the books and movies that portrayed the life of James Bond, the life that everyone wants.

How to Gamble like James Bond

It might be difficult to surround oneself with as many beautiful women as James Bond always does, but it isn’t that difficult to gamble the way he did. Here are four roulette strategy tips straight from a James Bond movie:

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Use the James Bond Roulette Strategy Tips:

With this strategy, the player starts with a $200 bet. Place $110 on the higher half of the numbers, $80 on the first third of the numbers, and $10 on a zero. This gives you an 81.5% chance of winning. If the ball lands on a number from 1-12, your winnings are $240. If the winning number is 18-36, your winnings are $220. A winning number 0 lands you $360. If it worked for the man himself then it should work for any other Roulette lover out there.


Learn the Labouchere System:

In this system, you will determine how much money you want to win, expressed in equal units. Break the units up into smaller numbers that equal the number of units and write the numbers on a sheet of paper. To figure out the amount of your bet, add the top and bottom numbers on your list. You will make even money bets on either odd/even or red/black with those units. Once the turn is over, you cross off those numbers and move to the next top and bottom numbers. If you lose a bet, take the number of units lost and place it at the bottom of the list to be used in determining a future bet amount.


Play number 17:

In one of the Bond movies, he plays 17 black at the Roulette table and this is apparently lucky for Roulette players around the world.Do a quick Google search, you will see we are not lying.


Become an expert at James Bonds’ Roulette Strategy:

James Bond is an all around expert at gambling, and he knows various strategies and systems for winning big. Take a page from the Bond books and learn as many Roulette strategies as you can to increase your chances of winning.

At Slots of Vegas, you can practice all the gambling strategies you learn from James Bond and elsewhere, care to give it a try?

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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