5 Good Luck Superstitions That Will Make You Win

It never hurts to have a little luck on your side. Many of us subconsciously tap into certain superstitious practices that we perform out of comfort and the belief that they just may bring us good luck, or at the very least, prevent bad luck from coming our way. If you’re a gambler or like to play games of chance, you know that chance and good luck can often be one and the same.

Here are five good luck superstitions that will make you win the next time you sit down for your favorite game of chance:

1. Crossing your fingers


Crossing your fingers in what has long been seen as a sign of unity gives you the capability of wishing or hoping for something to happen, usually something along the lines of positive luck. People have used this trick for ages and the only reason why they continue to do so, it’s because in most cases it does work.

2. Eating black eyed peas on New Year’s


The idea of black eyed peas as bringing luck can possibly be traced back to ancient Egypt, where this was considered a skimpy meal. By eating such fare, the ancient Egyptians believed they were humbling themselves before the gods, therefore gaining their favor for the coming year. this tradition also has some variations depending on the location, for instance in some countries in America people eat 12 grapes at midnight instead of black eyed peas.

3. Stepping on your shadow


Before any other explanation of the shadow existed, it was considered a reflection that was part of our souls. For anyone else to step on our shadow was for them to destroy a part of our soul. If we stepped on our own shadow, it had to be good luck, because sometimes it is impossible not to step on it.

4. Carrying sea salt in your wallet


Salt has been used for thousands of years as a deterrent to evil and forces that bring about bad luck. Many religions indicate salt as one of the purest substances on earth, and one that can be used to protect someone from evil influences by providing a pure barrier that impure spirits cannot cross.

5. Beginner’s luck


You’ve probably heard the saying that beginner’s at any particular game or sport will receive luck simply because they’ve just begun to play. You can take advantage of this by playing games you aren’t familiar with, because there you would be a beginner and the recipient of the good luck.

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