Are you brave enough? These prop bets will blow your mind

No, that’s not magic. There is a very manly man around with a set of breasts. And despite the fact that the man sporting the cleavage is a 55-year-old professional magician, what you’re seeing is not an illusion.

Brian Zembic actually has breast implants. In October 1996, he and his friend made a bet that he could get breast implants and live with them for the year. He did so, effortlessly, but rather than remove them, he decided to keep his set of 38C breasts.

innerzembic14062016As is turns out, Brian found that the implants have actually improved his life. We’re not sure what kind of life improvement we’re talking about, but there’s definitely a financial incentive. You see, every year that Brian keeps his breasts, he pockets another $10,000.

But 20 years later, he’s ready to part with the breasts, giving up his $10,000 yearly salary but perhaps gaining the freedom that comes with not having people stare at you 24/7.

As crazy as this bet is, there have been a number of insane gambling bets made over the years. And with the World Series of Poker in full swing, you can expect more and more prop bets to be made this year between professional poker players.

You see, the World Series of Poker Main Event isn’t just about grinding the tables with a narrow focus on that gold bracelet. It’s about meeting up with pro poker players you’ve faced off on the tournament circuit, going out at night, and making ridiculous bet after ridiculous bets. We’re not sure what to expect this summer, but here’s a look back at some other big bets that you won’t believe.

$10,000 to eat a hamburger

innerhamburger14062016You don’t have to pay most poker players to eat a hamburger. In fact, hand 99% of the tournament field at any poker tournament a burger and they’ll down it in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, depending on how hungry they are. So when you hear the story of David Grey betting Howard Lederer $10,000 to eat a hamburger, you might think that you’ve just heard the stupidest bet in the history of everything.

But not so fast. It turns out this bet has some merit. Lederer is actually a vegetarian and has been for years. So Grey likely assumed that Lederer would either be unable to finish the hamburger or would vomit in the process. But Lederer enjoyed the green that is $10,000 and stomached the burger.

Who can last longer?

innerpoker16062016The World Series of Poker is ripe with last longer bets. These are bets between two people on who can last longer in a tournament. The first to bust out is the loser, plain and simple. Back in 2010, online poker site UltimateBet decided to host a last longer bet. Two players won a trip to Las Vegas, received accommodations and money for food, and earned an entry into a $1,000 event. The loser of the event would be required to get a tattoo of the UB logo and find a woman to marry in Vegas before leaving town.

Prop bets you can actually make

There’s no denying that prop bets are always a blast, but you don’t have to go crazy by betting big money or potentially ruining your life by marrying someone you’ve never met before. If you’re heading to a live poker tournament or gambling with friends in your basement, there are a number of prop bets you can make that won’t get you into too much trouble.
• Color of the flop: If you’re playing Hold’em, Omaha, or any other casino game that involves community cards, you can bet on whether there will be more black cards or more red cards on the flop. Since there are three cards in Hold’em and Omaha, there is no tie game to worry about.

• When that pizza will finally show up:
Home games are fun and they can be downright delicious, especially if there is pizza and beer in the mix. But pizza delivery times can vary. Perhaps your pizza showed up after 20 minutes last week and was 10 minutes late the week before. When will it come this week? Bet on it with friends. To make it interesting, bet on the cost of the pizza. Whoever is farthest away from the actual time has to pay for the whole pie.

• 7/2 side bet: The worst hand in poker is undeniably 7,2, so when you actually win with that hand, it’s a remarkable feat. If you’re playing a home game, throw the 7,2 side game into the mix. If someone wins a hand of poker with 7,2, each player at the table must give him or her $1. Or $10. Or whatever amount of money you decide on in advance.

Enjoy side bets at Slots of Vegas

innersov15062016Did you know some games involve side bets at Slots of Vegas? Take Video Poker, for example. After winning a hand at some video poker games, you might be given the option to go for double or nothing. If you choose to play, you’ll gamble your winnings against the dealer for double or nothing. A card will be dealt to you and another will be dealt to the dealer. If you beat the dealer, you’ll win double your winnings. If the dealer wins, you lose what you just won.

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