Go crazy all month long with truly Bonkers Bonuses

It’s summertime! Well, not really. Not quite yet. That’s about two weeks away. But we’re Vegas people, so naturally it feels like summer to us all year round. And summertime in Sin City is all about waking up at 2pm forgetting what you did the night before, hitting a greasy spoon to push that hangover off the cliff, relaxing by the pool, heading back to the room for a quick shower and possible recovery nap, and then going crazy on the strip as soon as the sun starts to set.

Actually, strike that. ‘Crazy’ is an understatement. If you’re like scores of other Las Vegas parties, you prefer to go absolutely bonkers as you roam the strip with drink in hand, taking photos with scantily clad, fake officers of the law (both male and female), and high-five token Elvis Presley lookalikes (who, not coincidentally, look nothing like Elvis) as you jump from casino to casino.

And as the night progresses, chances are the cheap Vegas booze starts flowing and your level of bonkerosity (it’s now a word, enjoy) increases exponentially with every new drink purchased.

Vegas alcohol is relatively cheap because the entire city loves fueling that Sin City party atmosphere. And at the actual casinos, alcohol is often free. Why? Because when you give a gambler free booze, he or she goes even more bonkers with their bets, wagering more on each hand or feeding the slots way more than normal.

But what if you could go bonkers without having to get totally plastered and make crazy bets using our own cash? What if you could go crazy at the slots or tables with our money? You can with this month’s Slots of Vegas Monthly Promotion.

Go crazy with the $6,000 Free Chip Challenge

innerbonkers106062016This month at Slots of Vegas, we invite you take advantage of a special no restrictions bonus that works on an online slot game called…you guessed it…Bonkers. You can’t use the bonus for any other game except for Bonkers, but you probably won’t want to play any other game when you hear this. By taking advantage of the Bonkers Bonus, you’ll be eligible for a free $6,000 chip. To earn it, you need to wager the amount of your deposit plus bonus by 90x.

If that sounds a little difficult, it is. We’d be lying if we said it was easy to wager that kind of money in a matter of seconds. Hey, we’re talking about a $6,000 free chip, so we’re not just going to hand out that kind of coin without asking you to play a little. But don’t worry. Wagering that kind of money isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Remember, you don’t have to deposit that kind of money to wager it. As you play, chances are you’ll win money. So if you’ve got $100, it’s possible that you’ll build that up to $200. Now imagine you did that by wagering $50 total. That original $50 counts toward your wagering requirement. You now have the potential to wager another $200. If you lose that all, it’s game over. But as you fluctuate up and down (and hopefully up and up and up), each wager you makes counts toward your requirement. So when you’re playing with the house’s money, you’re golden.

Enjoy other big bonuses and go absolutely bonkers

As appealing as that $6,000 chip might be, we know the wagering requirements might feel a little bit out of reach. That’s why we’ve got a bunch of other big bonuses with your name on it that work for other games besides just Bonkers.

With our 560% bonus, you get more to play with at the Slots and for Keno. The bonus comes with a 30x playthrough requirement and a 10x max cash-out limit. You only need to make a $70 deposit to earn the bonus, so feel free to go nuts.

If you prefer to venture beyond Slots and Keno, take advantage of our 310% bonus that works on all allowed games. It comes with a 30x playthrough requirement (which is 60x for table games and video poker, but still easily reachable as per our earlier description). Best of all, you only need to make a deposit of $30 or more to earn it.

Finally, we have a smaller bonus worth 160%. But before you discount it, hear us out. This one works on all allowed games except for Blackjack. And making this bonus even more appealing is the fact that it comes with no playthrough requirements or max cash-out limits. We know, bonkers.

Are you a VIP? It’s time to get crazy

innevip06062016If you’re one of our VIPs, you’re going to love June even more because we’ve upped each of the above bonuses to arm you with more bankroll to go nuts with.

First, our 560% bonus for Slots and Keno grows to 630%, offering the same restrictions, cash-out limits, and minimum deposit. Second, our 310% bonus jumps to 380%. Again, the same restrictions and limitations apply, but you’re getting more bonus for your deposit. And finally, The 160% bonus for our regular players grows to 230%.

Not a member of our VIP program? It’s easy to become one. A one-time deposit of $500 or more gets you High Roller status in the program. And not only do you get rewarded with bigger Monthly Promotion bonuses, but you also get access to exclusive benefits, like insurance on your losses.

Ready to go crazy? Get the codes!

If you like any of the bonuses described in this post, be sure to grab the coupon codes on our Monthly Promotion page. Remember, just thinking about the bonus won’t boost your bankroll. You need to enter a specific code to earn it. You can find the code for each one along with the official terms and conditions on our Monthly Promotion page. When you find a bonus you like, hit the Cashier and make your deposit. If you’re new to Slots of Vegas, simple create a free account first. It takes just a few minutes, so do it before June turns to July and these crazy bonuses are gone.

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Colin Jones is a born and raised Chicago writer specialized on topics related to the casino and gambling industry. Having years of experience on the field, Colin will keep you in touch with the latest news and advances on the casino industry.


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