The 3 most insane casino security experiences we’ve ever heard

At Slots of Vegas, we eat, sleep, and breathe slot machines and casino games. Yes, we’re an online portal, but we’re also super-passionate about Las Vegas (which is clearly why we have Vegas in our name).

We visit Las Vegas a lot so we can stay on top of providing the best slots experience. And as a result, we’ve built a lot of relationships with different casino properties and the people who work there.

Now, online casino play is a ton of fun, but one thing that the online world lacks is a colorful cast of characters. Yes, there are all kinds of people who play at our casino, but we interact with them virtually, or over the phone if they need any type of customer service help.

However, we don’t interact with our players on a physical level. We don’t have dealers chatting with players, and we don’t have security manning our doors because there aren’t any doors.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t hear crazy stories about what goes on in Vegas. We’ve got some great connections with a few security teams that manage the big chains. And most of the crazy stuff happens outside of the casino floor. Here are our top three favorite stories that we’ve heard so far.

Skinny Dippers


A security guard was called to a hotel pool that was officially close due to ongoing repairs in the area. Four people had managed to sneak past the security fences and were skinny-dipping in the pool. Because this is Vegas and there are eyes in the sky everywhere, security quickly caught hold of them on camera and dispatched two guards.

When the guards arrived, they instructed everyone to get out of the pool. Two males quickly jumped out, but the two ladies remained in the pool. They refused the instructions from the officers to get out while the officers were present. Citing security reasons, the offices refused to leave. This went on for a few minutes until head security came on the loud speaker and said, “We’ve been taping the whole thing. If you want the tape, it’s yours for $5. And for every minute you remain in the pool, the price goes up $100.”

Needless to say, they quickly jumped out.

When you gotta go, you gotta go


You’ve heard the stories about elderly casino players wearing diapers so that they don’t have to leave a lucky machine. Well, a certain 41-year-old at a mega casino that shall remain nameless had a habit of urinating in slot machine chairs. She’d play a slot machine until she really had to use the bathroom. But instead of getting up to leave, she’d just go in the chair. And then she’d slide down to the next chair.

Here’s the worst part. Casino security couldn’t do anything about it. The powers that be instructed the security team not to address the issue because she spent a lot of money at the casino.

It’s not raining—so what is that?


So a lot of security agents patrol the property by bicycle, including the parking lots (both underground and above). But when it gets cold, security agents are offered a special golf cart at some hotels.

A couple of security guards at one of the big properties on Las Vegas Boulevard were sitting inside the golf cart on a cold December evening when they heard what sounded like rain. They stuck their hands outside the golf cart but didn’t feel a thing. But the sound kept coming. They turned around and saw a well-dressed gentleman urinating on the golf cart.

Now this might be expected behavior if the man was homeless, but this guy was wearing a suit. And worse, he didn’t even appear intoxicated. When they asked him why he didn’t urinate in the casino bathroom, he told them he was a professional card counter and is banned from most Vegas properties.

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