The 4 Scariest Vegas Rides You Would Not Want to Miss

A trip to Las Vegas just would not be worthy if you did not at least step inside one of those luxurious mind blowing casinos; however, besides all the gambling attractions there is much more that Vegas can offer to its adventurous visitors and crazy rides are definitely on the top of the list! After all you experience the same adrenaline rush, if not hundred times more, as you do when winning the jackpot. You can find some of the world most famous and thrilling rides exactly in Las Vegas and let us have a look at 4 scariest rides you would not want to miss.

Insanity – Stratosphere Casino


Well, if you are afraid of height then back down, this ride is located 900 feet from the ground! That alone is already thrilling as hell! Once you are done with gambling you can go up to the roof and take a spinning ride from over the edge of the building. You will feel like a bird that is flying above Vegas thanks to the 70 degree angle of spin that lets you see the whole historical part of the city. Insanity was launched back in 2005 and still remains as one of the most popular attractions on the territory. The price for this craziness is $35.95.

SkyJump – Stratosphere Casino


Stratosphere casino has another thrilling attraction besides Insanity. They sure know how to excite their guests. For true extreme lovers SkyJump is just perfect; you will be gliding in the air down 108 stories. It is probably one of the most expensive ($100) “rides” in Las Vegas, but I doubt anyone has regretted their decision.

Manhattan Express – New York, New York Casino


You will not be getting up as high on Manhattan Express as on the Insanity, but 203 feet is still not a little, especially if you consider the fact that it goes down 144 feet extremely fast and you are left coasting at 67 miles per hour. It is one of the longest rides in Las Vegas when it comes to time. The excitement lasts for 2 minutes 45 seconds and the price is only $14.

Speed – Sahara Casino


There is something for the speed-lovers as well in Las Vegas. The name of the roller coaster utterly says it all! Speed is one of the fastest rides in Vegas reaching the speed of 70 mph. All you need is a second and the ride already speeds up 10 mph. It is full of crazy loops and curves and a high tower (224 feet). The price for Speed is $10.

So, after all of these: who’s up for a little ride?

Rose Pratt

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