The Famous Gambler on Instagram

How does a high school dropout become a gambler worth $100 million? Easy! He’s just good at gambling. Poker gambling that is. No complicated science to that!

However, the “Instagram King” as he is now known for having over 200,000 followers, has become an extravagant icon that has created a public figure of himself with images of his lavish life.

Who is the Instagram King?

Dan Bilzerian grew up in a millionaire home and he is the son of a father that was involved in many financial fraud suits and even spent time in jail. His father lavished his family with material wealth: he built a 44,000 sq ft house in Tampa complete with indoor basketball court, three pool tables, a pool with a slide and mountain made of volcanic rock and a batting cage in the backyard with a major league pitching machine. Bilzeran had rebellious teenage years where he was sent to different high schools and even lived for a period of time with his uncle in Minnesota. After quitting high school and earning a GED, Bilzerian enlisted in the Navy and enrolled in SEAL training, which he only did for two weeks.

To some people, the life that Dan Bilzeran lives might seem like heaven on earth, but is it really? Let’s not forget that he has had two heart attacks induced by excess of cocaine, days of no sleep and partying, and to make things even more interesting, he seems to be in trouble for throwing a teen porn star off a roof and into a pool causing her to break her leg, amongst other interesting and dangerous stuff.

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And then I wonder, with such a busy life when does he have time to gamble?

According to Bilzerian the first bet he ever placed and won was with the medical officer who treated him and bet him $20 that he wouldn’t make it through hell week in his SEAL training. This bet; however, was the foreshadowing of the future life style he would adapt. His leg was so severely hurt that Bilzerian was declared an invalid and started receiving a $6,000 per month disability allowance as a veteran. With this money he started gambling and losing tons of money. But luck and a master mind for poker has allowed Bilzeran to become one of the richest Poker players around the world.

Despite his current fame, Bilzeran wants to change his reputation from being a playboy to being a gentleman. He has part financed several feature films including Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg, which tells the story of Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and a failed mission in Afghanistan in 2005. The three other SEALs on the mission were killed; all of them friends of Bilzerian. He has small roles in two other upcoming films: The Other Woman and The Equalizer and is in the midst of developing a horror film. And then there are his charitable endeavors where he gives out money whenever a story touches him. He dreams of a future son or daughter, but is determined to wait at least five more years.

One can only ask if there could really be a detonator for Bilzerian to make a life change. Will he ever want to? Would you want to even if you were the King or Queen of Instagram?

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