The Scariest Feeling You Can Get While Gambling

Gambling can be lots of fun, without a doubt. You do not have to go to a casino to play a few rounds. You can get together with friends and play some Texas Hold’em or Blackjack. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt, they say. Well, it is pretty hard for someone to get hurt while playing cards or gambling at all. I guess maybe some person’s long hair could get caught in a roulette wheel, but I think you have to be trying to do so for that to happen.

It is possible, on the other hand, for a person to experience something worse than an injury while gambling. It is possible that some people, whether in a casino, on an online casino, or even playing with some friends, have felt a strange negative feeling that comes over them. Some have described this feeling as a loss of control or as mechanically playing as in a dream. Others have even described it as an intense feeling of negativity, horror, or even evil. This feeling might surface if you have been at the table or in the room for a long time, or you might feel it if you are losing, especially if you are losing. It might be confusing where the feeling is coming from, if it is coming from the other people around you or if it is coming from inside you. It can be enough to scare you into questioning your reason for being there and cause you to want to leave. The problem really surfaces when you don’t control this feeling and keep to quell it by playing more and more in an attempt to win back your loses. If you keep experiencing this feeling every time you play, then you may have a dilemma on your hands.

innerscary13112014Compulsive gambling is a very common issue, but it can be very scary. We all know the toll that compulsive or problem gambling can take on a person’s life, but the actual feeling is something that is difficult to understand for the people who have never experienced such a nasty thing. It can be a strange mix between ecstasy and thrill gained from the risk that is being taken by gambling and the horror and desperation felt when the losses begin adding up. From there that scary feeling can escalate to much more than just a feeling.

The person experiencing this scary feeling can begin taking increasingly bigger and bigger risks when gambling, betting more and more or betting irrationally. Many times they do this to escape the same scary feeling being nurtured by gambling. The person will begin to feel depressed or guilty and attempt to abscond from the negative feelings by gambling more. As their lives begin to become affected more and more by the pathological gambling, more problems arise that the person may try to escape from by gambling. The cycle of the guilty or depressed feeling starts over again after gambling.

Then after the scary feeling starts to take the person over, that person becomes preoccupied with gambling because that is the only time they don’t feel down. Lying about how often the person gambles or concealing having gambled or how much money was played usually follows. If the person tries to cut back on gambling, they suffer from symptoms of withdrawal, just as if it is a drug. Most of the time a person suffering from compulsive gambling will fail at trying to cut back on gambling.

sovinner13112014Denial characterizes the addictive behavior. The person may fail to recognize that their families, their friends, their work, and their mental health are suffering because of their problem gambling. Some people resort to constantly asking others to lend them money in order to pull them out of financial binds they have because they gambled away their money. Others resort to a more extreme act; they resort to theft or fraud to get gambling money. At this point the person is in severe need of professional help.

All of this spawned from that original scary feeling. If you ever begin to feel such a feeling, take control right at that moment. It is preferable to stop playing for a while or to have an accountability buddy to help keep you in check than to have something that is a harmless leisure activity turn into a demon that takes over and destroys your life. One must always be in control of one’s own life.

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