These High Roller Casinos take Gaming to a Whole New Level

High rollers. Whales. They’re the players that helped build Las Vegas into a must-see destination for travelers from around the world. These high stakes gamblers don’t spend much time on the casino floor, spinning dollar slots or struggling with $5 blackjack games. Instead, they can be found in private areas of the casino that are built to suit their specific, lofty ambitions. For most players, what goes on in the high roller areas of Vegas casinos is only restricted by the bounds of imagination. However, for those looking for a picture that’s a little clearer, we’re going to dip a toe in the shark tank to see exactly how the big fish spend their time at the casino.

Big spenders are more than players for casinos, they’re virtual necessities for padding the bottom line and keeping executives happy. That’s why today’s casinos go the extra mile to make sure that high rollers are comfortable while playing and keep coming back for more. Today’s casinos have more competition than ever before, so it’s not uncommon for big players to get away with things that other players would find themselves in deep trouble for. The New York Post described some of these peculiarities in an article last summer. One high roller referenced in the article is given a refrigerator full of bananas to squeeze while he gambles. Another high-stakes player urinates against a wall. At the Mohegan Sun, it’s reported that high caliber players can throw chairs, scream at dealers and generally expect rules to be bent in their favor. In most cases, these strange behaviors are accommodated, as long as the players keep betting big.

“All men are created equal except in the casino,” Glen Costales, a pit manager at the Mohegan Sun, said at a hearing before the tribal gaming commission held last year. “If it’s a premium player, he gets away with a lot more than the five-dollar player would get away with.”

While breaking the rules is one perk of playing big, it’s just the start for true high rollers. In Macau, VIP players are known to have their own tables reserved with a dealer staff and other luxurious amenities in a private gaming salon. These salons may be located near the main gaming floor at the casino, but they’re sometimes in even more exclusive locations. If you’re wondering what games attract the whales, forget about poker and blackjack. According to a study by Bank of America, roughly 90 percent of high roller play takes place at the baccarat tables. Of that, 60 percent happens at special, VIP baccarat tables. Players stick with baccarat because the house’s advantage is extremely slim. Just choose the banker bet or the player bet, and let it ride.

The Perks

inner2high07032016While special gaming venues are nice, they’re just one of many perks for high rollers. The true fun begins after the time at the tables is over. Free nightclub passes with a bottle of Cristal at a private booth? You got it. Free steak dinners? Absolutely. Free strippers in your luxurious suite, all comped in appreciation of your bold play? The sky is the limit. The Las Vegas Sun outlined the benefits of being a high roller in Sin City. According to the article, when high rollers visit Las Vegas, they expect to be treated like royalty. The responsibility of exceeding their expectations falls upon one person – their casino host. Before you go thinking that the job of casino host is a cushy dream job on the edge of luxury, remember that these individuals are required to build proactive relationships with VIP customers, which can involve babysitting hardcore gamblers with sometimes unsavory tendencies to threaten, curse, cheat and get violent.

A host speaking on the condition of anonymity with the Las Vegas Sun recounted a customer’s threat to murder her after a particularly devastating cold streak at the tables. While nice hotel rooms are par for the course, she stated that illegal requests are few and far between. “A lot of people think, oh, hookers and coke. I think in my whole time doing this I’ve gotten requests for coke twice,” she told the Sun.

The Suite Life

inner3highroller07032016Competition is a good thing, especially for high stakes gamblers. In Las Vegas, in particular, casinos are forced to play a never-ending game of one-up in order to remain relevant against a constantly evolving selection of gaming destinations. The result is an opportunity to spend some time in places that exceed the common conception of what a hotel room can be. Some of the features present in high roller suites throughout Sin City include private bowling alleys, rooftop infinity pools and basketball courts. For those with a wild side, there’s even one well-known suite that comes apportioned with its own collection of dominatrix tools. That’s right! The Provocateur Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is a specially designed stage for guests to play out their most intimate fantasies. Of course, high rollers won’t have any trouble finding a suite or penthouse to meet their specific preferences. That’s sort of the point.

Now that you’re more familiar with the perks of playing like a high roller, it’s a great time to up your game. While local casinos may offer great deals for playing regularly with a moderately sized bankroll, the casinos of Las Vegas and Macau will expect a bit more. If you’re looking to get a $25,000 per night suite comped, you’ll have to put your money where your mouth is at the tables. For the lucky few who get to experience this luxurious level of the gambling industry, there’s nothing quite like it. For the rest of us, though, we’ll just have to settle for imagining what it would be like to enjoy the view of the Strip from a private pool on top of a casino. While you’re imagining, why not enjoy one of the many slots on offer at Slots of Vegas? With our selection of top-notch no deposit bonus offers, you’ll always feel like a high roller when playing at Slots of Vegas.
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