How To

Cheat at Poker Without Getting Caught?

Ok, let’s leave game morals aside and just for once imagine this: actually being able to do some tricks at poker and win. I know, we’re a casino and we shouldn’t be posting this, right? Well, I’m just a regular girl that writes articles for a casino, that loves to dream and talk about the impossible…Or is it not? Is it actually possible to cheat at Poker without getting caught?

I would say that the first thing needed to attempt cheating at poker is a lot of guts. (I refrained from using another form of a circular example). After you make sure that you have those, then it’s time to take a look at known cheating techniques that have been used and study the possibility of making them a reality. So let’s take a look at a few known examples for cheating in a casino or at home games and then decide if you’ve got what it takes:


Hand Mucking: This strategy needs fast hands and proper timing to execute, since the cheater has to be able to deal any card from the deck, whether it’s from the top, middle or bottom. The basic idea behind this cheat is to choose the cards an individual player needs, to form a hard-to-beat poker hand. This actually happens when two or more players are conniving to perform a cheat. This will lead to a player having an unfair but really tough advantage over the other fair players.

Reading Cards: We have all seen the movies and we know it takes preparation. Counting cards does not give a player an edge on every hand, nor will it give a player a 100% chance of winning any particular hand. You will win, on average, about 44% of all hands played in the long-run. The long run is defined as beginning after about 500 hours of play, or 50,000 hands. Once you feel confident with your card counting, you can put it into practice.


Home Poker Game: This is a step by step strategy to cheat at home with your friends or family.

  1. Wait for a hand during the first few games that has a good card, but won’t win anything.
  2. Take this good card and hide it underneath your leg. Make sure it’s easily and quickly accessible.
  3. Keep your cards together and fold them by simply placing your cards down on the table. (Keeping them in a pile).
  4. Remember what you have under your leg and continue to play if the dealer doesn’t look at the cards.
  5. Switch the cards when a better card or another of your cards comes up. Do this by putting your hand of cards by your leg and keeping the card you’ve chosen to switch separately. Then switch the cards.
  6. Continue these steps until you get caught, lose, win or want to stop cheating.
  7. Get all the cards and fold when you want to stop cheating.

Do you have what it takes then? I know I don’t! But hey, it’s always nice to know how it could be done.

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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