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Excuse Me! How Does A Random Jackpot Work?

I love this question and somehow I hear it a lot! Since this question is all about earnings, people should really know how exactly random jackpots work, so that they know exactly how to win them.

I believe in karma, so the more we share our fortune, the bigger it will return to us. Don’t you think? So let’s go over it step by step:

    1. The way they work is simple, you play the slot game as normal, playing any additional bonus games such as free spins round. Then, at the completion of a paid spin there is always a 1 in (X) chance that you will hit or be awarded a random jackpot.
    2. If you are awarded the free spins bonus round, then this is not classed as a paid spin so only after the completion of the final element of the spin/game do you have a chance of winning the random jackpot.


    1. The chance of you winning a random jackpot is based on a $1 bet (in total) and as such this chance is increased or decreased proportionately based on your total spin amount. For example: if you are playing a single line spin on a coin value of 1 cent then you therefore have a 100 times less chance of winning the random jackpot than a $1 spin.
    2. A proportion of your stake is put towards the random jackpot and this is, in most cases no more than 1.5% of the return to player.
    3. Some players say that the best way to have a chance of winning this type of slot game is to set it at 1 cent per spin and then by using autoplay set the game to play itself for thousands of spins. The idea behind this is that by playing just 1 cent a spin they won’t be spending a fortune and with the increased number of spins they make they stand a better chance of winning! However, due to the random nature of the jackpot, every play stands a good a chance as another of winning one of them, but a high roller by virtue of the value of their stakes would stand an increased chance.


  1. The Real Time powered online casinos let you play the random jackpot slots for free, to allow you to get a feel for how they work, however as you would expect during free play mode you cannot keep any random jackpots won!
  2. If you intend to play at any featured casino for real money then don’t forget they all offer some bonuses to give your initial deposit a boost. If you intend to play random jackpot slots with a casino bonus then it is very important that you check whether you are permitted to play this type of slot with bonus money awarded.
  3. Often the casino may put in place a maximum cash out value on any winnings derived from playing with a casino bonus, so please ensure you read through and comply with any terms and conditions attached to any casino bonus you have accepted.

Good luck, guys! And remember, we’re here to answer your questions!

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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