How to Play Texas Hold’em Online like a Pro is home to some of the most popular online table games ever made. One of the most popular (if population numbers and deposit amounts are any indication) is Texas Hold’em poker. With so many of our members grabbing seats at these games, we want to make sure that they are getting as much out of the game as possible. So, here are 5 tips from the pros on how to play Texas Hold’em as good as them.


Know all possible combinations

This may be one of the most difficult things to master, but once you have every single possible combination memorized, you’ll be able to quickly determine which combinations you can make with the cards in your hands.


Never bet more than you can afford to lose

This is a tip that you can use with any game of chance, but because poker is so well known as an addictive game where people lose their rent money in high stakes, this tip can be extremely useful to you when the temptation to place a bet on a bad hand arises.


Never underestimate your opponents

Your opponents are sizing you up so you should do the same. Keep in mind that just because they appear one way doesn’t mean that you’ve got the whole picture. Never look across the table at a grandma and assume that she can spank you with a high hand.


Learn how to bluff

Practice your poker face in the mirror might help if you were playing at a land based casino, but but when you play online bluffing becomes a bit harder than that. Make sure that your tell is well hidden through your own actions while you’re playing poker online, your moves become your only tool to bluff on here.


Keep ‘em guessing

If you keep your opponents off kilter, you have a better chance to catch their tells, avoid them noticing your tell, and confuse the hell out of them. Don’t underestimate your opponent, but you can get them to underestimate you with a few practiced skills of poker puzzlement.

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