The world’s smartest slot machine cheats: Part 2

Lately we have been sharing with you some basic but amazingly innovative methods scammers used to cheat the slots. These methods are clever, and they blew our minds on how many lengths people would actually go to cheat lady luck. Today, we’ve got a few additional methods of slot machine cheats that are slightly more advanced. We hope you enjoy it.

Shaved Coins Slot Machine Cheats

innershaved14122015Slot machine developers created a smarter system of identifying coins in an effort to combat fake coins. They came up with an optic verification sensor system that would reject any coin that wasn’t real. Or so the casinos thought. People well-versed in the optical coin verification system figured out that shaving down a coin could trick the system into thinking an actual coin was played. The machine programmers caught onto the scam and developed a second system that would measure size and weight, but not all machines relied on both pieces of technology.

Top-Bottom Joint

innerjoint14122015Back in the 1970s, scammers developed a tool that was essentially a guitar string attached to a bent metal rod. The rod would jam the metal contacts to activate a circuit that would dispense the coins. It basically tricked the machines into thinking that a win took place even when one didn’t. This method of cheating feels a lot more like stealing than any of the others. It really is tantamount to lock picking.

Computer Chip Swap

innerchip14122015What if you had the key to every slot machine at a casino? And what if, in a matter of just three minutes, you could swap the circuit board inside the slot machine with one that was guaranteed to hand you a jackpot? That’s exactly what one scammer did. And he did it well, allegedly winning over $5 million by sneaking into casinos, opening a random slot with a key he got on the black market, and replacing one chip inside the machine with one he made at home.

Computer Glitch Exploit

innerglitch14122015Is it really stealing and cheating if the casino made the mistake? A video poker machine known as The Game King featured a hidden glitch that allowed players to somehow win the biggest payouts by playing the smallest stakes. The glitch was uncovered and taken advantage of before the casino caught on. The men who figured out the glitch were charged with hacking charges, however they were eventually dropped since the glitch was hardwired into the video machine, not the result of a hack.

Win without cheating
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Colin Jones

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