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Turn $20 into $10,000 in Online Roulette

Online Roulette is an exciting casino game with thrills and spills at every spin of the wheel. It’s the type of casino game that offers high rewards with equally high risk. Yet it is for this reason that many gamblers tend to avoid roulette. They feel their odds to win big are slim. Yet in reality, roulette offers much better odds to players than most number games found on the casino floor (take a look at the Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo System, for example), and if you follow these roulette tips and tricks, you can turn your boost your bankroll to staggering sums!

It’s not a hunch, it’s science, and we’re going to show you how to turn $20 into $10,000 in roulette.

Lottery and Keno vs. Roulette

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Let’s start by looking at slot machines and Keno. These are two very popular games found at any online casino, each game entices players with jackpot rewards and high payouts, but statistically speaking, players have a better chance at winning in roulette.

Online slot machines for real money alone can have a house advantage as high 25%. With Keno, that number is even higher for the top award! The lottery offers no help to players looking to win big either. The probability of winning a million dollars playing the lottery is roughly 1 in 3,000,000 (!), and while anyone can get lucky, statistically this is a poor bet to make.

While the odds to win $10,000 in the lottery is statistically better than $1,000,000, those odds are still by no means good. Switching back to Keno, the probability of winning $5,000 is roughly 1 in 40,000 and winning $15,000 is a whopping 1 in 230,00.

If you split the difference you’ll find that the odds of winning $10,000 would be about 1 in 160,000, and while it might only cost a dollar to buy a Keno ticket, the probabilities only slightly in increase in your favor in terms of percentages. Long story short, those are lousy odds.

Mind Those Roulette Odds

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Once you’ve decided to play roulette, the key is to know the differences among the types of roulette table available. American roulette for instance, has a house edge of 5.26%, which is much better than almost all slots or Keno games you will find.

However, if you’re clever, you’ll find that European and French roulette tables have a lower house edge of 2.70%. This house edge is reduced further if you can find an online casino that offers a French roulette table with the en prison rule, which will bring the percentages to an exceedingly low 1.35%. This allows a player to keep their bet following a loss if the ball lands on zero on the second bet.

The reason for the difference in casino advantage in American roulette and its European counterparts is because; American roulette utilizes the 0 and 00 on the roulette wheel. Therefore, betting on a single number in American roulette has a 35 to 1 payoff, but odds of winning are 37 to 1 vs. 36 to 1 in European roulette.

Turning $20 into $10,000 in Roulette – probability

To get from $20 to $10,000 in a game of roulette, you have to double your money several times. Of course, the odds for winning multiple bets in a row increase near exponentially. We’ve listed what happens if you are betting with an initial wager of $20, and what your odds are for the ball to roll in your favor each consecutive time. This is not impossible however, and you could catch a lucky winning streak.

Wins in a rowRoulette (double zero)Roulette (single zeroBankroll
122 $20

If you are trying to get to $10,000 in winnings, you will find that it can be accomplished by doubling your money on even money bets. These are bets such as red or black, and odd or even, and are made on the ‘outside’, and pay out at 1:1.

As you can see from the table, the odds of even winning three in a row are 1 in 9, but this number increases dramatically as you progress. Though not statistically impossible, the odds of winning 8 bets in a row are about 1 in 320, or 0.003125%, so as you can tell, the probability of winning is very small.

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However, compared to the lottery, the odds of winning $10,000 in the lottery, even after buying 50 tickets, are about 1 in 3200.  Although the odds are better in roulette, this isn’t to say that the odds are good.

Furthermore, you still risk losing all of your money when you double it each time, which is precisely why casino games are so profitable to casino operators. The key is to alternate between inside bets and outside bets in order to have the best chance of turning $20 to $10,000.

It’s important to note that single number or straight bets pay out 35:1, so on a $300 wager you can statistically make over $10,000. If you wager half that amount, you can make over $5,000, which then can be doubled on an even money bet. It’s time to look at the varying roulette tips and tricks below that offer low risk.

Roulette Winning Tips

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Stick to the Outside

The best bets that you can make in roulette are the outside bets. Statistically they offer the least amount of risk, and can pay out quite nicely if you are willing to increase your wagers on these even money bets. The most popular outside bets are betting red/black, high/low, or odd/even.

Double Up

If you choose to go with an even money bet with a 1:1 payout, for instance betting black instead of red or odd instead of even, each time you lose, you can opt to double the amount of your previous wager; proceeding to bet on the same color combination until you win. Known as the Martingale Strategy, this method is only worth performing if you can afford it. Otherwise, it can quickly wipe out your bankroll.

Inside betting

Betting on the inside is more lucrative with larger bets, but the risks are also much higher. Below we’ve listed the following inside bets:

If a player chooses to bet on a single number, this is called a straight bet, and the payout for winning is a whopping 35:1.

Betting two numbers at the same time, means placing your chip on the line that separates the two numbers. This is a split bet, and the payout for winning is 17:1.

Betting three numbers simultaneously, means placing your bet on the line that separates the inside and outside of the table. This is a street bet, and the payout for winning is 11:1. Double street bets are also an option.

Corner or square bets means betting four numbers simultaneously, by placing you wager on the line, which intersects four numbers. The payout for winning this wager is 8:1.

Outside betting

Betting on the outside, although has a lower yield margin in comparison, offers less risk of loss. Below we’ve listed the following outside bets:

The most famous outside bet in roulette is betting red or black, which pays out even money (1:1). Choosing odd or even, also pays out even money. Field bets are marked “1-18” or “19-36” to determine if the winning number will land within a range of high or low numbers. This is an even money bet.

Lastly, column or dozens bets can be made by choosing the first, second or third set of 12 numbers out of 36, marked either at the end of number columns or through their designated numbers on the outside. These payout 2:1.

Winning Big

Ideally, winning $10,000 playing roulette could happen faster with a bankroll of $5,000, simply by making a single wager.

Realistically this would be a risky bet to make as you stand to lose $5,000, with 18/37, or 48.65%, chance to win in American roulette.

With every additional bet you make, this lowers the probability that you’ll win again. It boils down to mathematics. The probability of winning two spins in a row is lower than the probability of winning a single spin, and the same goes for three spins in a row, four, and so on.

It’s smart to try and space out your bets and alter your wagers, or if you’ve got the guts, simply go for broke on an even money wager. However, we recommend alternating between 1:1 bets and 2:1 bets with larger wagers.

Popular bets in French roulette also include called bets. These refer to specialized sections of the roulette table designated as Voisin du zero, Orphelins and Tiers du Cylindre. They refer to a segment’s proximity to zero.

Mind the table minimums and play!

Beware of table minimums and maximums each time you play. It also important to be mindful of what type of roulette table, on which you are playing. Straight bets that pay 35:1 have the potential for a large payout, the chances of winning are low.

To have an edge in gambling it helps to have a sizeable bankroll, but by following our listed tips, it is possible to turn $20 into $10,000 in roulette. Why not get started today by signing up for a Slots of Vegas player account and choosing to play roulette online free or for real money by making a quick deposit.

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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