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How do withdrawals work at Slots of Vegas?

The first time I hit it big playing Craps, I went on a pretty sick run and ran up a $100 commitment to over $2,000 in winnings. I grabbed my chips, went to the Cashier, and converted them to 20-odd Benjamins. That process took about four minutes, including waiting for the two people ahead of me to take care of their chip swap.

If you play online – regardless of where you play – withdrawals are never that easy. Bank limitations, anti-fraud measures, and overall restrictions make the withdrawing timeline way longer than most people want. But at Slots of Vegas, we’ve done a lot to make sure these circumstances, although quite slow are worth your time. We’re not as fast as live withdrawals at land-based casinos, but we’re proud to say our withdrawals processes will always ensure you’re safe and most importantly your money and identity are safe. Before you initiate a withdrawal, there are a few things you need to know. We’ve put together a handy guide to get you totally prepared.

How to make a withdrawal Reviews

When you’ve got cash in your account that you want to get your hands on, the process is super-easy. While logged in to your Slots of Vegas account, just click Cashier. Then, click Withdraw Money. You’ll need to select your withdrawal method. There are lots of options – Neteller, Cash Deposit, Federal Express Cashier’s Check, or Wire Transfer – but the methods available to you depend on your country of residence.

After you’ve chosen your preferred method, just follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the withdrawal. Remember, the steps you need to take depend on which withdrawal method you’ve chosen.

A note about business days

When our cashier department quotes withdrawal times, the number of days quoted are in business days. That means that if it’s Tuesday, July 7th and your withdrawal takes 10 business days, your money won’t be ready on July 17th. That’s 10 days, but not 10 business days. Remember, business days do not include Saturdays and Sundays (even though we are a 24/7 operation). Ten business days from July 7th is actually July 21st, so keep these timeframes in mind.

Meeting requirements

When you initiate a withdrawal, you need to meet certain playing requirements in some instances. If you’ve taken advantage of a bonus, chances are it comes with a playthrough requirement. That means you need to wager a certain amount to have your bonus money converted to real money. If you haven’t, your funds might not yet be available for withdrawal. Some bonuses come with max cashouts too, so please keep that in mind before initiating a withdrawal request.

Verifying your information

As part of our anti-fraud measures, we might ask you to verify some information before we can process a withdrawal. For example, if you’ve made a deposit by credit card, you need to fill out a Credit Card Agreement form before we can process your withdrawal – even if you plan on withdrawing by check or wire transfer. We’ll let you know what documentation is needed if we require it.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know. We’ve made withdrawing from Slots of Vegas really easy and relatively seamless. Remember, you can streamline the experience even more by understanding bonus rules before you withdraw, and by making sure you’ve got all the necessary personal documentation filled out and processed with our Cashier department before you request a deposit.

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