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The top 10 countries that frequent online casinos

Have you ever stopped to think about how crazy online casinos are? Think about it. In the 1990s, if you wanted to play casino games, you had to go to Vegas or your local casino. And everyone who played at that casino had one thing in common. They were playing in the same city as you.

We know, we know. Seems obvious. Clearly for someone to be in the same room as you, they have to be in the same city as you. But that’s just our point. Online casinos completely changed that. Now when you go play a slot machine from your own home, you’re feeding the same jackpot that someone on the other side of the world is feeding. If you sit down to play online poker or multi-player roulette, you’ll find people anteing up with you while you eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast—and they dine on pizza for dinner 12 time zones away.


So that got us thinking. What are the top 10 countries that play at online casino? We did some research and here’s what we’ve uncovered.

    • 10. Hong Kong

With Macau literally right around the corner, it should come as no surprise that Hong Kong is on our list. A few years ago, before the big Macau gambling boom, Hong Kong was higher up on the list. But with an appetite satisfied through live poker, they’ve dropped a bit.

    • 9. Spain

They’re number 9 on our list, but they didn’t even make the top 10 a few years ago. Expect to see Spain climb even higher.

    • 8. Costa Rica

As one of the gambling epicenters of the world, it’s pretty clear that Costa Rica is hungry for gambling. The country employs tens of thousands of people in the industry, so when you work in the biz, you naturally love the games.

    • 7. New Zealand

When you’re sort of isolated from the rest of the world, it makes sense that you’d want to play online and connect with people.

    • 6. Ireland

How big is Ireland for gambling? Well, the country is planning to build a Las Vegas-style casino resort in the country. Until then, people will continue to play at online casinos (and they’ll probably continue to do so even after the casino is built).

    • 5. Singapore

Singapore is the third largest gambling country for land-based play after Las Vegas and Macau, so the fact that they’re on the list doesn’t surprise us.

    • 4. The UK

This is a country that values casino gambling, so much so that they’ve regulated the industry and let people play freely. It makes sense that they’re near the top of this list.

    • 3. Canada

Canadians love to gamble online. And even the provinces have taken notice. BC, Manitoba, and Quebec run their own online casino portals for residents of the province. Ontario is set to follow suit in the next few years.

    • 2. Australia

They love their online slots almost as anyone else. Actually, strike that. Down under, they’re called online pokies.


    • 1. The United States

Yep, it turns out that even though Vegas is the biggest gambling destination and there are hundreds if not thousands of Native American casinos and private casinos spread throughout the country, Americans still love gambling online.

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