The Top 5 Online Payment Services Online

The greatest comfort of 21st century – online payment systems with all the different options and methods; now this is for sure! Who can doubt that people have faced innumerable ground breaking inventions in the past few decades, but not many of them are as comfortable and soothing as the opportunity to make all your payments and transactions without leaving your favorite sofa. The thing is that as more and more businessman understood than this was exactly what people all over the world had been looking for, so hundreds of various payment services were created and it is no surprise that not all of them are as trustworthy and secure as the others. If safe and reliable service is what you are looking for then check out this top 5 online payment services online.

Looking for best friend?! – PayPal


Probably the most commonly used payment service in world nowadays is PayPal. Actually, it processes more than $4 billions in a year! You can either use your credit card or simply an account to make the payments. All you need is an email address of the recipient and a few seconds and payment is done. There are no sign up or monthly fees on PayPal; owning an account is absolutely free; as for the transactions, the usual amount is 2.9%.

From MoneyBookers to Skrill


It is not just the name than changed in this community – now they are even bigger, even more trustworthy, reliable and flexible. Skrill, or Moneybookers as it was known before is a UK based e-wallet that has established its reputation on market through numerous years of flawless service. There are more than 28 million users that are satisfied with their service; that sure means a lot. All the detailed info about the fees for different countries can be found on their website rather easily.

Perfect Option for Gamers – NETELLER


NETELLER is another UK based e-wallet that was founded in 1999. Their main focus is gaming and gambling but if you want to make transactions between individuals that would not be of any problem either. – an authority for real

Another truly popular online payment service is with a user base of more than 300 000. More and more e-commerce platforms accept payment through them.

Google Checkout – Worth Checking Out!


You know that the phrase “Just Google It” becomes more common every day, but now it is not facts only that Google can help with. Google Checkout is one of the greatest competitors of PayPal. You can use it to pay for various services and goods as well. And most of us already have Google account and that makes it all a whole step easier and faster.

Please be aware that Slots of Vegas may or may not work with some of these payment methods. For information on our available payment methods please visit our banking section.

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