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The Top 5 Online Payment Services for Gamblers

What’s the greatest innovation of the 21st century? Online payment systems with all the various different options and methods of course! Of all the innumerable, groundbreaking inventions in the past few decades, few are quite as soothing as the opportunity to carry out all your transactions without leaving the comfort of your sofa. More and more businesses have come to understand that a safe and secure platform for payments is exactly what people all over the world have been looking for, and the same goes for online casinos too. If top-notch and reliable services are high on your list of criteria when looking for somewhere to gamble, then check out these top 5 online payment services below!

PayPal – Your Wallet’s Best Friend


Probably the most commonly used payment service in the world nowadays is PayPal. Established as its former brand Confinity in 1998, PayPal processes more than $4 billion in a year and holds funds in over 25 world-wide currencies. They have some of the highest safety protocols in place for carrying out purchases and transactions, such as a security token, MTAN (Mobile Transaction Authentication Number), as well as two-factor authentication should you truly want to ramp up login protection on your account. You can either use your credit card or simply set up an account to make the payments. All you need is an email address of the recipient, and a few seconds later the payment is done. Credit or debit card transactions only take a few minutes to appear in the account, and there are no signup or monthly fees on PayPal; owning an account is absolutely free! And as for the transactions themselves: $0.30 plus 2.9% is the whole fee – making it one of the most affordable options on the market.

Skrill – One of the Easiest Ways to Bill


It is not just the name that changed in this community – now they are even bigger, more trustworthy, reliable and flexible. Skrill, or Moneybookers as it was known before, is a UK-based e-commerce business which is operated by Skrill Limited and belongs to Paysafe Group. Skrill is registered under HM Revenue & Customs as a Money Service Business, and has established its reputation on the market through numerous years of flawless service and its easy and effortless ways of transferring money – putting it on a par with payment giant PayPal. There are more than 28 million users that are satisfied with their service which sure means a lot! You can hold an account in any major currency and also link pre-paid cards to your account in either USD, EUR, PLN or GBP for added convenience.

NETELLER – A Top Choice for Gamers


NETELLER is another UK-based e-wallet that was founded in Canada, 1999 and is also a child brand of Paysafe Group. Their main focus is in the gaming and gambling market; however, if you want to use their platform for transferring funds between individuals, their systems are some of the best around for such purposes. Accounts can be set up in 26 major currencies and you can both deposit and withdraw money to your account via credit/debit card, or directly from the bank through 40 different available methods. They also feature a Net+ virtual card as part of their products, which generates a unique code for every transaction rather than a fixed card number. This highly secure technology prevents fraud, hackers, and unauthorized users from accessing your account, making it another great option for storing and protecting your gambling bankroll.

Authorize.net – Shopping Just Got More Exciting


Another truly popular online payment service is a payment gateway called Authorize.net. They have a user base of more than 300,000 customers who carry out electronic transactions every day, of various amounts and sizes. They accept all major credit cards as well as other payment services such as PayPal, Apple Pay and Visa Checkout, in addition to offering a wide range of services including fraud protection, easy checkout options, and recurring payment subscriptions. In contrast to other e-commerce platforms, Authorize.Net’s most unique and prominent feature is the fact that it allows customers to input their payment and delivery information directly onto a webpage, without the need to sign up or login to a payment gateway before carrying out any transactions. It’s an incredibly secure service which is reported to retain a hefty slice of the overall industry’s market share, making it another very viable option for online casino players.

Google Pay – Perfecting the Online Experience


You know that the phrase “Just Google It” becomes more common every day, but now it is not only facts, recipes and Memes that Google can help with. Google Pay, was formerly known as Google Checkout; then Google Wallet and Android Pay, and now just Google Pay Send. Although it’s only available in the US, UK and India, it is one of the greatest competitors in the e-commerce market alongside PayPal, and allows customers to send and receive money with no cost at either end of the scale. The app is completely free and uses a unique 4-digit PIN number for managing everything on your Google account; which fortunately nearly everyone has. Funds show up in the account within 24 hours, and should someone manage to perform an unauthorized transaction on your account, their Wallet Fraud Protection covers 100% of these incidents if reported within 120 days of the transaction. That’s probably more than your bank will ever do for you!

There’s a Payment Service for Most Things These Days

Other reputable e-wallets for managing your funds and transactions include: Amazon Pay, Due, Mozido and Allied Wallet. There are also applications for social media wallets, mobile wallets, and even Bitcoin specific wallet apps for carrying out payments online; some even offer loyalty points and gift cards to their frequent users too!

What payment systems and methods are you using to carry out your gambling endeavors right now? If they’re not on this list, we’d love to hear your recommendations!

Please be aware that Slots of Vegas may or may not work with some of these payment methods. For information on our available payment methods please visit our banking section.

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