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Your Guide To Playing With Litecoin

As a top-tier online casino, we recognize that Litecoin and other digital currencies represent the future. Now, you can deposit funds and collect your earnings using Litecoin.

This comprehensive guide provides all the essential information for utilizing cryptocurrency in gaming – from setting up an account on Coinbase (a highly reputable and user-friendly exchange platform) to swiftly withdrawing your profits via Coindraw.

gambling with cryptocurrency

After setting up your Coinbase account, follow this guide to ensure smooth crypto transactions in no time!

Why Choose Litecoin?

Litecoin can be viewed as a leaner, more efficient alternative to Bitcoin. It was designed to provide similar advantages as Bitcoin (complete anonymity during online transactions, enhanced online security) while incorporating some notable improvements:

  • Quicker transactions
  • Lower fees (minimal network charges) After over 12 years of thriving operation, Litecoin has not only met its objectives but has also become one of the top cryptocurrencies. For newcomers, the perks of using Litecoin are likely to be a delightful discovery.

Acquiring Litecoin via Coinbase


Before beginning, ensure you have:

  • A debit/credit card or PayPal
  • Bank account information

acquiring Litecoin

Step 1:

First, select a payment method. You can choose to link your bank account, credit/debit card, or PayPal account.

  • If you link your Debit/Credit Card,, you can only purchases – you cannot sell, withdraw, or deposit.
  • If you link your PayPal account, you can only withdraw – you cannot sell, deposit, or buy.
  • Linking your bank account is the only way you can buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw your funds; however, it will take 4-5 business days for the transaction to be finalized.

setting up Litecoin

Step 2:

To utilize crypto at our casino, you’ll first need Litecoin in your Coinbase account. You can effortlessly purchase it directly via Coinbase by following these steps:

  • Locate and click the “Trade” button situated in the upper-right corner.

In the pop-up that follows, select “Buy”

and select Litecoin.

Step 2:

Enter the amount of Litecoin (in USD) you would like to purchase.

Choose which method of payment you would like to use, and click “Preview Buy.”

How to Deposit with Litecoin


Before beginning, ensure you have:

  • A mobile phone to receive SMS verification codes

how to deposit Litecoin

Step 1:

With your Coinbase account set up and ready, you can now start enjoying our online casino using your Litecoin. The majority of this process can be completed through Coinbase. First, log in to your casino account and proceed to the Cashier to make a deposit.

crypto casino deposits
  • Head to the Cashier section of our casino and specify the deposit amount
  • Select “Litecoin” as your preferred payment option

A QR code will pop up, and a Crypto Address will be displayed. Copy the Crypto Address as your deposit option and click “Deposit”.


Step 2:

Great! You have the crypto address. Now you’ll go to Coinbase and click “Portfolio” on the Menu Bar, and select “Litecoin” to be taken to your Wallet. To start your transaction, click “Send”.

Click on asset

Select “Litecoin”

Step 3

You’ll see a pop-up box asking for the recipient’s name – this is where you put the crypto address that you copied earlier. Click “Continue.”

Step 4:

Review the transaction details and ensure they are accurate by inputting the seven-digit code sent to you via SMS. For security purposes, it may take between 3-10 minutes for Coinbase to finalize its chain of confirmations, after which you will see the deposit reflected in your casino account balance.

Withdraw Your Winnings with Coindraw

With Coindraw, you can transfer your winnings to your wallet in as little as 15 minutes! If you’re eligible for Coindraw, it will appear as one of the withdrawal options at the Cashier.


Step 1:

Select “Withdraw with Coindraw” as your withdrawal method

withdraw with coin base casino

Step 2:

  • Navigate to the Cashier at our casino and select “Withdrawals” in the left-side menu
  • Enter the amount you would like to withdraw
  • Select Bitcoin as a withdrawal method
  • Paste your Crypto Address and click “Submit for Verification”.

Step 3:

Click “Withdraw to Wallet” and receive your winnings in about 15-30 mins!

And that’s everything you need to know to get started with crypto! It’s a safe, reliable, easy-to-use way to manage your bankroll.

Slots of Vegas Casino is in no way affiliated, administered, or endorsed by Coinbase.

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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