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10 Helpful Deuces Wild Strategy Tips

Whether you are browsing at an online casino or strolling in the land-based gambling room you will notice that Deuces Wild is a really popular variant of video poker. Even though Deuces Wild involves more complex strategy than the one at Jacks or Better, it is still rather easy to play.

How is it played?

The game play of Deuces Wild is just like any other video poker game. You start off by investing specific amount of money into a round. Then you will be dealt 5 cards by software and you get to choose which cards to keep and which ones to throw away. In next round, the cards you discarded will be exchanged for new ones and as a result you may get a winning combination. The only difference between Deuces Wild and other video poker games is that deuce or a card that has a value of 2 is counted like any other card.


10 Tips That Will Make You a Winner:

We invite you to try these strategy tips to improve your game at Deuces Wild:

  • Always play with small amount on each round as you will have higher chance to play more games.
  • Never discard a Deuce; they are the cards of the highest value in Deuces Wild.
  • If you have four deuces, hold on to all 5 cards, this is the best combination in the game so you will not be able to improve it. The fifth card does not make any difference.
  • Always play with maximum possible coins on one machine as pay out for one coin does not amount to much.
  • Be careful to play only on those machines that offer full pay out for the deuces.
  • Choose Deuces Wild machines that offer paying 4 or 5 for 1 for holding 4 of a kind as this is where most of your pay out will come from.
  • Never choose a single card to hold on, unless it is a deuce or two.
  • If you happen to have to decide between a straight or flush draw and a pair, always keep the pair.
  • Never keep just one card along with a Deuce. The only time when holding a card is justified is when there is two or more card to hold to.
  • If you are holding any two cards from J, Q, K, or 10 and they are in the same suit it is recommended to keep them.
Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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