5 Things You Should Know About Blackjack

Top 5 things you need to know about BlackjackBlackjack is by far the reference game when it comes to casino games. You can see how it is always the most crowded table in the floor and how people pile up in the tables when they attend any casino, in fact, this even happens when playing online casino: blackjack is usually the people go for the most, from beginners to experienced veterans. As any other popular culture expression there are always little details you might not have thought or knew about the game and we’re going to reveal those as follows:


Where BJ began: Even though most people believe the game to be originated in France, there are others that believe it was invented in Italy. This debate has gone on for long time now
and will probably go on for long time to come without ever obtaining enough historical proof to actually determine its place of origin.


Why “Blackjack”?: The original name of the game we all know as blackjack is vingt-et-un which is French for twenty-one. There are many places in the world, like Latin America, where it still holds its original name “Twenty-one” as this name has to do with the basic goal of the game, hit 21 before the dealer does and not go over it.


Even Napoleon liked it: Napoleon Bonaparte was a huge fan of Blackjack, many sources cite his passion for the game and it is known that he used to play it for long hours while being exiled in the island of Elba. Imagine a world leader openly expressing his love for a game of cards: maybe things will be different nowadays.


Was there a “Black Jack”?: The name used in the US and other countries derives from a variation of the original rules which varied if a player held the Jack of Spades.


Blackjack was frowned upon: For many years, since about the beginning of the 19th century, up until the 1930’s blackjack was banned in the US and went underground as a home game or illegal gaming joint attraction until the state of Nevada legalized it by lifting the bans and this gave birth to Las Vegas.

Who would have imagined Napoleon himself going nuts at a blackjack table? The very same game we love had adepts of this magnitude and this tells us how big and rich in history this fantastic game is. This will be a great story to share at a game the next time you visit the Casino or with your friends the next time you plan a blackjack or casino night game at home on Fridays.

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Susan Sedlak

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