Breaking the top 5 myths surrounding the online casino industry

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Breaking the top 5 myths surrounding the online casino industry

Breaking top 5 online casino myths
Humans are by nature, suspicious of anything that’s innovative or that sounds too good to be true. Fear has motivated people to create myths about casinos which have spread like a virus in a crowded New York subway on a rainy day. These myths, like all myths of course have no foundation and are based only on fear and apprehension or just plain lack of knowledge of the actual dynamics of the gambling industry but, alas, myths are ‘born this way’ –like Lady Gaga would put it. With proper information we can always clarify unjustified fears towards the fine industry of online gaming entertainment.

1 Online casinos want to get you bankrupt: Some have demonized casinos and have labeled them as places designed to scam money out of people. If this claim were true, every other service industry in the world would share that same purpose. Going to a bar would be a way to suck people’s wallets dry right? How about going to the movies? All of these services provide entertainment in exchange for money to pay expenses, earn a profit and employ hundreds of thousands of people, injecting economy with more money for everyone.


Online gambling is rigged: Curiously enough, these claims never come from someone having a lucky streak! Of course it is easy to think that the casino is trying to do something mechanically to win your money but, with an industry that is sustained by the overall volume and frequency of players and not necessarily by the individual money it collects from one player or another, there is no need to lose business by ripping people off.


Online casinos are not real casinos: We’ve heard people swear by their lives that a computer is really no match to actual casino games that you play at a brick and mortar casino floor. Once you try our games you’ll know that online casino gambling is as if a live casino had been transported to your computer. You get to play the entire casino games you know, with the same sounds which really makes for a realistic experience, through a solid technologic interface with astounding graphics (so that you can see your dice actually roll!).


Can’t get help at an online casino the same way I would at a land casino: Just like any other online business all online casino companies are forced to offer a very vast selection of channels through which players can communicate with a well trained and fully knowledgeable customer service department. This benefits both parts: gets your questions or claims sorted out and gives the casino added credibility.


Playing online casino games is addictive: Truth is, if you’re not responsible with the way you engage in any activity (online and offline), it can become addictive – not just online casinos. Although, addiction is a serious disease and should be treated seriously, casinos are not addictive by nature. Some people who play the games just do it to kill the time, to polish their mental agility and math skills or simply to spend some fun time and learn casino games. Responsible gambling is highly encouraged by the online casino industry as it benefits everyone.

Isn’t it nice to know online casino games are not run in someone’s dark garage in some Caribbean Island and that there is no secret agenda behind the games you enjoy? Behind the best online casino games there’s only a fair and established company trying to bring you as close to your favorite games as they possibly can. What other casino myths do you know? Share with us in the comments section below.

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