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Top 5 Reasons Why Gambling is Sexy

Top 5 reasons why Gambling is SexyFor some strange reason, there are certain roles, (like men who smoke cigars, women who play pool, men that dance tango) which have been given a heightened status in society -some are even considered aphrodisiac. How about guys in uniform? That’s a classic.

But there’s a new way to dress yourself with status and sex appeal faster than you can shuffle a 52 card deck. That is, learning to gamble. Chicks find it sexy (like Bond, of course) and guys just get intrigued by a lady who is feminine -yet strong enough to walk away with their bankroll at a well played session of blackjack. Here are the top 5 reasons why today, gambling is considered sexy:


Bond and his gazillion movies: The guy looks handsome and suave with his martini, playing and calculating every one of his opponent’s moves while impeccably dressed. He oozes sexiness while defeating his rivals at the table, who wouldn’t like that?


Gamblers are smart: Gambling is more of a game of strategy, not just anyone can make split second decisions where hundreds or even thousands of dollars are at stake. It requires character, boldness, confidence. All of that rhymes with sexy.


It has friends in high places: Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and even poker celebrity pro Annie Duke have made gambling stand out by hosting their own charity events along other celebs, by participating in professional tournaments or simply by enjoying a few rounds at a Vegas Casino.


It’s what’s in: A while ago, everyone was a gamer, then everyone was a DJ, everyone also played golf. Now everyone is a professional player of (blackjack, poker, you name it). Simply put, when a massive amount of people take a liking for a certain sport or form of entertainment others follow and leaders are sexy.


It’s unpredictable: The rush of the uncertainty; just like when you’re trying to conquer that special someone you have your eye one, you can never know what the outcome will be. You must risk it, take your chances and hope for the best. Pretty much like gambling, except, when you gamble you can also win money!

The primitive instinct of the strongest one leading the pack can also be a characteristic human trait found at any casino: players who are on winning streak experience a surge of confidence: bold movements, loud voices, jumping, smiling, laughing. All of this could be part of a “mating” ritual perhaps? a silent psychological display of power aimed at attracting the ladies (or the gentlemen) based on who takes home the biggest jackpot.

Do you find gambling sexy? What are the reasons it is so appealing to the opposite sex? Share your comments with us in the comments section below.

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