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Top 6 Casino Table Game Odds

We’re all looking for the games with the best odds. Why not play where Lady Luck is already in a better mood?
Here are the top 6 casino table games with the best odds. Get ready, set, and go play!

Tri Card Poker
Everyone loves a good poker table game and Tri Card Poker is no exception. It’s super simple and easy to learn, play and win. This is also a great game to learn if you want to start off learning the basics of poker and the winning hand combinations. The house odds on Tri Card Poker are a low 3.4%.

European Roulette
This version of roulette has better odds than the American version because there is one less 0 slot. Just that slight change makes the odds in European Roulette almost twice as good as American Roulette. The house odds on this casino table game are just 2.7%.

Pai Gow Poker
This table game is extremely fun and offers up a great mix of luck and strategy in order to really give you a winning boost. Even if you don’t use any special strategies, you’re going to walk away lucky and if you incorporate the winning Pai Gow Power strategy then you’ll enjoy a house edge of only 2.5%

Baccarat is one of those games that looks way more complex than it really is. It turns away a lot of players that otherwise would be winning a lot! There are two ways you can play this game, either as the Player or as the Banker. When you play as the PLayer the house odds are a mere 1.63% and they drop even more to 1.17% if you play as the Banker.

Always a favorite, blackjack offers everyone a chance to win big regardless of your skill level. It’s really easy to learn and the house advantage is only 0.8% (really really low)!

Craps is a super fun game because once you’re on a winning streak you’ll set yourself up to win a whole lotta money. This is another one of those games that players shy away from because it looks complicated. The secret is actually to play online craps because the computer helps you know what you can and can’t do even if you don’t know the all the rules (it’s a great way to learn)! The house odds for the game of Craps go as low as 0.8%

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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