Winning at Roulette in 4 Easy Steps

Thinking of testing your luck at the Roulette wheel? Don’t hit Vegas or any online casino without reading our four easy steps to winning at Roulette first.


Step #1: Manage your bankroll

Before you find your spot at a Roulette table, you need to know how to manage your bankroll properly. If you intend to bring your entire budget to the table in an effort to win at Roulette in a big way, we recommend that you always keep at least 50% of whatever you’re betting aside. That way, if you don’t end up winning at roulette in your first few spins, you’ll still have 50% of your bankroll left in your pocket. And having money is key to always feeling like a winner.


Step #2: Decide whether you’re in or out

In Roulette, you can play the inside, the outside, or both. We recommend you choose to play one or the other. Focusing on a single element of the game will help you stay focused on winning at Roulette instead of focusing on where to place your chips next.


Step #3: Choose a betting strategy

There are all kinds of Roulette betting strategies that are worth exploring. We aren’t going to run through them all today, but we’ve got countless posts on various systems you can use to win at Roulette. One simple strategy to win at Roulette involves doubling your bet every time you lose a spin, and resetting your bet every time you win. Other strategies to win at Roulette include doubling your bet, regardless of whether you win or lose, until you’ve reached the max, or simply keeping your bet the same all the way through. Read up on the different ways you can win at Roulette to find a strategy that works for you.


Step #4: Play with only 10% of your profits

So, you’ve employed steps 1 through 3, and you’ve suddenly found yourself with a giant tower of casino chips. Nicely done. Your initial impulse is to let the money you’ve won at Roulette ride. There’s nothing like turning $3,000 into $6,000 by landing on black, right? Well, only if the wheel spins in your favor to let you win at Roulette. If not, your $3,000 will be reduced to nothing. That’s why we recommend that you put 90% of your profits back in your pocket. By playing with just 10% of what you’ve won, you’ll keep your profits safe while still building your immediately playable chips.

That’s all there is to it. Four simple steps to help you win at Roulette, at an online casino or even in Vegas. So test it out and let us know if it helps you win at Roulette.

Rose Pratt

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