Sic Bo

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This game is quite straightforward and there are no tricks or strategies. Some prefer a more complex game, however as simple as this may sound, the payouts are great. To us, it's no surprise why this is such a popular game. To play Sic Bo, you first need to look at the setting of the various dice combinations on the table and decide which ones you would like to bet on. Then, you guess on the outcomes of the roll of the three dice that are played with. A player can bet either small or big and can choose to bet on 1, 2 or all 3 of the dice. Grab Your Lucky Dice and Play Sic Bo Now! Start Winning Big with Sic Bo Now!

Play Sic Bo:

Sic Bo is one of the oldest casino games of all times and yet it continues to be one of the most exciting games one could ever find at a casino. Just like the game of Pai Gow.  Sic Bo was originated in ancient China and as an interesting fact Sic Bo actually means "dice pair" but it is played with three dice.  As confusing as a Sic Bo table may seem to the untrained eye, it is actually one of easiest to play casino games.
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How to play:

The goal of Sic Bo is to predict the number, set of numbers or the total the three dice will come up with. Sic Bo's table will display all the betting options together with their respective payouts.

Strategy and Tips:

Take you time to enjoy the game and start playing safe by betting with low amounts at first. By doing so at the beginning you will be able to steadily build up a decent amount of credits. Once you have accumulated a good amount of credits by betting low you may start aiming for the big win. When you start doing so, be very careful and do not abuse it otherwise you may end up losing all your bankroll.


Roll: press Roll once you have placed all your bets to have the dice rolled. Repeat: press Repeat to play with the same bets as in the prior game. Clear: press Clear to return all chips on the Sic Bo table back to your chip stack.
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