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3 Card Rummy Tips & Tricks

Vegas 3 card rummy is the only table on the casino floor where less really is worth more. This poker-style card game is a perfect alternative to all other poker games, since the rules are easy to learn and the strategy is simple to follow. I’ve broken down the rules, rewards, and the right way to play Vegas 3 card rummy so you can hit the virtual or physical tables and make some sweet cash in a flash. Read on for our 3 card rummy tips and tricks!

Know the 3 Card Rummy Rules

You’d be surprised how many noobies go to the table not knowing a single thing about Vegas 3 card rummy and claim that they’ll “learn on the way.” Granted, the rules are pretty simple, but it’s always better not to lose money while you’re trying to figure out how to play. That’s why most online casinos like Slots of Vegas offer instant play – you can get the hang of gameplay for free before you lay real money on the line.

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Vegas 3 card rummy’s rules are easy to learn and remember. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck, and each card is ranked according to their poker value. The only exceptions are the aces, which are always low.

Like golf, the goal of 3 card rummy is to be the guy with the lowest number of points. Unlike golf, the number of points restarts with each round/hand, and the card game goes a hell of a lot faster than 18 holes.

The values of the cards is Vegas 3 card rummy are:

Cards 2 through 10Face Value
Jack, Queen, King10 points
Ace0 points
Pair0 points
Any three of a kind0 points
Two-card suited run0 points
Three-card suited run0 points

Here’s how gameplay works: the player makes an ante bet and an optional bonus bet, which we’ll get into later. The dealer and the player then get three cards each, with the player’s dealt face up and the dealer’s facedown. The player can then fold and give up their ante bet or raise with a bet equal to the ante. The dealer then shows his cards and the hand is settled based on whoever has the lowest number of points. The dealer must have 20 points or less to qualify. If he doesn’t, the player’s ante wager is paid 1:1 and the raise bet pushes.

Along with an ante bet, players have the option of making a bonus bet before the cards are dealt. The bonus bet pays only according to the value of a player’s hand – there’s no bet against the dealer. An aspect of Rummy that brings us to the next point of interest…

3 Cards rummy winnings

Know the Rewards

In Vegas 3 card rummy, each bet is paid according to different rules. For instance, when a player wins any hand in any situation, the player’s ante bet is paid 1:1 – no exceptions. When the dealer doesn’t qualify in any situation, the raise bet is pushed. The payouts for raise bets and bonus bets differ according to the value of a player’s hand.

Raise bet payouts based on hand value:

04 to 1
1 through 52 to 1
6 through 191 to 1

So, when a player places a raise bet worth $5 and wins the hand with a value of 4, the player receives $10 on the raise bet and $5 for the original ante. Cake.

The bonus bet, on the other hand, doesn’t rely on the player beating the dealer for a payout. For this one, a player is paid purely based on how many points his hand is worth.

Bonus bet payouts based on hand value:

Suited A-2-3100 to 1
025 to 1
1 through 62 to 1
7 through 101 to 1
11 through 124 to 1
13 through 30Loss

Say a player places an ante bet worth $10 and a bonus bet for the same amount. Cards are dealt, and the player has a value of 12, so he raises for another $10. The dealer turns over his cards and has a hand worth 10. In this situation, the player loses both his ante and his raise bets worth $20, but wins $40 from his bonus bet.

Got it? I knew you would. Pay close attention to the value of every single hand – when you’re playing online, the computer automatically tells you the number of points you have. In a brick-and-mortar casino, not so much. If you plan on playing at a physical table, try practicing with free online play at Slots of Vegas first. You’ll probably (definitely) save some money that way.

Know the Right Way

That is, know the right way to play. Vegas 3 card rummy strategy is pretty simple. I’ve thrown some charts at you before this, but don’t worry – rummy isn’t like blackjack, with lengthy strategy rules to memorize in order to help you accomplish perfect play. There are only a few rules.

People in casino playing 3 card rummy

The first rule: raise on any hand with 20 points or less, and fold with 21 or more. The house edge for this strategy hovers around 3.2 percent, the lowest it can possibly get for this game.

Since the dealer qualifies with 20 points, it’s not smart to raise when a player has more than that. If the dealer doesn’t qualify and the player wins, the player gets his raise bet back and wins 1:1 on his ante. Not really worth it when the odds of a player winning against the dealer with higher than 20 points are pretty low. If you want to cut down on risk, follow this one consistently.

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    The ante and raise bets offer better odds of winning. The ante bet has a risk of around 1.96 percent versus the bonus bet’s risk of 3.46 percent. However, the payouts for the bonus bet are relatively good, and the odds of getting a low hand are higher than you might think. The general suggestion is to avoid the bonus bet, but if you’re feeling lucky, go for it. There’s an exception to every rule.

    That’s all, folks – you know everything you need to know to start making bank at the rummy table. Take my final and most important piece of advice – head over to Slots of Vegas and play Vegas 3 Card Rummy on instant play before you start throwing down the bills. You and your bankroll will be that much happier.

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