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Blackjack Rules Chart for the Inexperienced Player

One of the most profitable casino games these days is Blackjack. It offers one of the lowest house edges of any table game offered. While most games give a player terrible chances at winning, Blackjack only has a 1.6% house advantage. With simple strategy and basic knowledge, one can decrease the edge even further and in some cases, make the player the favorite.

If you are new to Blackjack and feel intimidated by the rules and have never played the game, we will walk you through every rule and even supply you with a basic Blackjack chart. Once you know the rules, which only take a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to winning and having more fun than ever.

Basic goal of the game

The goal and overall concept of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 without going over and beat the dealer’s hand.


Before any cards are dealt, all players must place their bet on the table. You are allowed to play more than one hand so long as there are empty seats at the table as well.

The Deal

All players are dealt 2 cards including the dealer. The dealer’s cards however, are dealt one up and one down, so that you can only see one.

Game play

Once all cards are dealt, the players will make the decision to hit (take another card) or stand pat, (not to take any cards). You may hit as often as you like as long as you do not go over 21. Once over 21 your hand is considered busted and you will lose your bet. If you feel your hand is close enough to 21 that you may beat the dealers, you then stand and wait for the dealers hand to play out.

Dealer rules

After all players have made their hands, it’s the dealers turn. The dealer will have the same choices as players, as far as hitting or standing with some guidelines that they must follow. If the dealer’s cards do not total 16, they must hit until they do. Once over 16, the dealer must stay regardless of what the players have. For example if the dealers first 2 cards are a 5 and a 9, they have 14 and must take a hit. The next card is a 5 making for a total of 19. The dealer must now stay and pay out any player who has higher than 19 and take all bets form those who have busted or are lower than 19.

This is a basic Blackjack rules chart and once you are familiar with it, you could start playing Blackjack right away. There are other rules which we will now cover below. These are simple little nuances of the game such as splitting and doubling down betting options. These are very easy to understand and will only further increase your experience while playing.

Double Down

If a player is dealt between 9 and 11 they will be allowed to do what’s called “Double Down”. You would announce you want to double down and place an extra bet out identical to your original one. You then get one more and one more only. You cannot hit regardless of your new total.

The goal of using this betting option is to pick an optimal time when the dealer has a good chance of busting due to a bad card showing. You will win double the money if it works and if used correctly can show great profits.

Some casinos may have different rules as to when you can double down. Some may allow you to do it on any 2 cards others only certain ones. Make sure to read the rules before playing.


When a player is dealt 2 of the same cards, they prefer to split them and make 2 totally new hands. Let’s say you are dealt two Aces. You would have the option to split them by placing a bet identical to your original and you would have 2 Blackjack hands which to play. Both hands will abide by the original rules of the game. You can hit as often as you like on both stay whenever you choose.


If the dealer is showing an Ace, you have the option of buying Insurance. You must place a bet the size of your original on the table to take the insurance. If the dealer has 21 with his first 2 cards, you will get paid usually 3-2 on your bet. I won’t go into too much detail about this bet, because it should NEVER be used! It is considered a sucker bet and will never win you money in the long run. Avoid taking this bet every time.

Now that you know all the rules, you’re ready to get playing one of the classics and start winning some money. For a basic Blackjack strategy chart or a printable Blackjack strategy chart do a quick search online. This will outline exactly what to do in every scenario. If the dealer has an 8 showing, the chart will tell you what to do base on your cards. It’s simple to follow and as long as you follow the chart you should be using an optimal plan.

If you’d like to test out your new skills and learn the rules of Blackjack, you can play it for free online and then jump into the real money games to really get your blood flowing.

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