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Is it Possible to Cheat at an Online Casino?

Twenty years ago if you thought about cheating at a casino, it meant figuring out a way to beat the house – in person (and also getting banned from the casino for life too, but that’s another story for our online casino guide)! There’s a whole load of cases where people have attempted to deceive these establishments over the decades, and many have gotten away with it, too. But these days, technology is so advanced that scammers and fraudsters rarely get away with such moves. However, there are still a few “methods” which people currently use to give themselves the best chance at winning when it comes to cheating gambling games within online casinos.

Account Cloning

This method is used when people attempt to create multiple accounts in order to receive additional casino bonus codes etc. Usually this is done by concealing their IP address with some kind of hidden VPN software. But of course, casinos are very aware of this kind of thing, and it’s very rare that people actually get away with it. If you do get caught account cloning in an online casino, any winnings you have accumulated as a result will be discarded, your accounts all shut down, and you can expect to be banned from the casino entirely. Maybe even others as well, as they tend to share this info with each other to prevent future occurrences. Depending on the severity of the incident, you could even face legal action or a fine for cloning accounts.


For online casinos, hackers are the cornerstone of their problems. We’re not just talking about them gaining access to thousands of players’ personal data and payment info. The skills and ruthlessness of hackers have advanced so much over the last 10 years that some have even succeeded in manipulating the gameplay in the past, as well as cracking the developer codes. Fortunately, casino cyber-protection and encryption software has also progressed highly along with hacking, and their in-house security is practically fool proof in preventing these scenarios.

Strategy Bots

Strategy bots are designed to analyze complex algorithms such as RNGs and natural outcomes within games like roulette, but they also analyze winning hands in games such as blackjack and poker. Though these bots aren’t officially “illegal,” (because nobody has consistently proved their reliability in terms of constant winnings) it is something which more people are cottoning onto in an attempt to cash out as much as possible with very little effort. Game developers are fully aware of what these bots are up to, and you’ll often discover online casinos have prevention methods for this, including the implementation of higher betting limits that most people are too afraid to conform to.

The Overall Verdict

There you have it: a few common methods people have used in attempts to cheat online casinos and gambling establishments in the past. At one point it may very well have been possible to execute such devious plans, and you would be amazed at how many other techniques brave people have attempted inside brick and mortar casinos! If you’ve seen any of these movies: 21, Rain Man, Goodfellas or Oceans Eleven – these hustlers are prime examples of the realistic and possible ways gamblers have managed to break into the casino system.

That being said, operators both online and offline aren’t stupid, and we wouldn’t advise trying any of these methods yourself, unless you’re prepared to face the consequences for getting caught. Or face the fact that you will probably be in far more debt than before you even started. So, is it really worth it trying to cheat gambling games and online casinos? Not in our sportsbooks.

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