Slots Tournaments: The Method and the Madness

At casinos there are always new and exciting ways of spicing the ordinary machinations of things up. There are always contests and competitions going on to make things more interesting.

Tournaments are also a very commonplace manner of kicking it up a notch. At some of the more cutting-edge casinos, you will find that Slot tournaments prove to be part of that mix of spices on the casino’s rack, especially when it comes to online casinos. This allows the players to compete against other players, interact, and have a much more exhilarating time than simply playing slots alone. As a matter of fact, Slots tournaments are the most predominant of all the tournaments, even more than poker or Blackjack tournaments.

The Method

innermethod13112014There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that they involve games that are the most popular in the casino. The second reason is that, well, honestly, they are the easiest to play. You don’t really need a tutorial to play Slots. You will simply figure out how to place your bets and click the Spin button. So it isn’t very challenging for players who have their competitive energies streaming to get into the action.

Above everything else, Slots tournaments serve as a good attention grabber. They can be a very valuable appeal for new players, and a fun thing to have available for current players. Moreover, they yield another way for customers to earn money when they play at the casino.

There may be varying ways casinos organize their Slots tournaments, in terms of entry and prizes. Some of them might have an entry fee that is not so prohibitive, or, if there is a functioning VIP program in place, a certain amount of “comp points” may be needed to be able to participate, or there are also slot tournaments which are completely for free, but you can earn some cash there.

Slots tournaments generate a different facet through which customers can participate. They are an extra attractiveness a casino can offer its clients, and they can be offered, in and of themselves, as a reward for loyal play.

The Madness

inner213112014Slots tournaments are loads of fun, and they come as an indulgence for those who only have a predetermined amount of money to play Slots. Without a doubt, not all the tournaments that one will find are the same. You can categorize all of them into two: first is the invitational style tournament; this is a sort of exclusive tournament that is not open to the whole public. Usually, a casino’s steadfast patrons are the invited guests to play in these special events. High rollers are also usually added into the invited elite.

The second type envelopes the open tournaments; these, of course, allow any and all patrons to participate. These usually have an entry fee that must be paid. Sometimes you can opt to use accumulated comp points to enter. Just in case there are any worries, you do not have to bring any money other than the money for the tournament aside from the money for the entry fee. The machines are programmed to allow a set number of games.

To join, first you need to register at the table or web page designated by the casino or online casino. You pay the registration fee if it is an open tournament, or you may have to present some form of invitation if it is an invitational.

You will be assigned a machine or game and explained the rules. The rules vary depending on the casino and the tournament. When the tournament begins, you will have certain amount of time allotted to play. When the time is up, the tournament is over. Some tournaments have multiple rounds.

Remember, that each tournament can be played on different slot machines, so our advice is to get familiar with the slot and its paytable some time before the tournament starts. It is not a bad idea to play the slot machine for some time and maybe, maybe you will get lucky enough that you will not need to play the tournament anymore.

The results are tallied and the winners will be announced as per the casino’s rules. If it is an online casino, you will be notified by e-mail.

That’s basically the reasoning behind Slots tournaments and the way they work. Here at Slots of Vegas, the situation is not much different. We have a bunch of Slot games, and we regularly have Slots tournaments. Slots tournaments are a lot of fun. Try one and see for yourself! You can win some serious cash

Colin Jones

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