What is the average slot payout percentage online?

People who like to play gambling games are usually thrilled by checking out the luck as they think it is the only factor that affects the outcome of the game. The goal of playing on these machines is usually purely entertainment. However, luck is not the only component that determines whether the player wins or loses. One of the no less important factors is the payout percentage of the game.

What is the slot payout percentage?


Online slot games usually use payout rates to determine whether the players are receiving the game well or not. You may also encounter some terms like “expected payback“, “long-term average return“. The rate is represented in percentages and the higher the rate is the more beneficial it is for the players.
Examples make it all clear!

Let us take a rate of 80% and a player who bets $10 online. Eventually, the expected return is $8. So, next time you will be choosing an online casino slot game search for the high payout percentage.
Problem with the average slot payout percentage online

First of all, it should be said that this number is not computed in a same way as it is for the games like roulette; complex math solutions are involved in calculations. The trouble is that usually the players of the online casinos do not have access to these numbers. Only the organizations that monitor the randomness and fairness of the games and the developers of the website software are informed about the slot payout percentage online.

How to find out the average slot payout percentage online


There is a special agency, eCOGRA that is oriented on revealing average rates of online casino slot games. However, we have already mentioned that not all rates are disclosable. For instance eCOGRA has the right to disclose only the average payout percentage of all slot games of online casinos in general.

What is the average rate?

Based on the available date, the average rate of the majority of the online casinos is somewhere between 94% and 96%. This means that if a player spends $10 daily for, let’s say, 100 days then the final amount becomes $1000 and if the slot payout percentage of an online casino is 95%, then expected amount that the specific player might lose is around $50 in a span of 100 days. Does not seem like a lot when the chances of winning are so attractive, does it?

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