5 Las Vegas casino hotels you’ve never considered

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? We’re here to help. By now, you’ve probably already done your research and are already considering hotels like Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio, Treasure Island, or Planet Hollywood. And you’ve probably discounted a bunch you’ve never heard of, or some that seem like they’re too far off the beaten path.

By doing so, you could end up missing out on staying at a hotel that’s not only perfect for you, but one that can save you money and make your stay more enjoyable. Today, we’re covering the five best hotel and casino properties on the strip. If you find it useful, please share it with your fellow Vegas fans.

Trump Hotel

innertrump30032016All politics aside for this pick, please. Whether you align yourself with the man who wants to “Make America Great Again” or you’re more of a Bernie Sanders kind of guy, Trump Hotel in Las Vegas is a great spot to park yourself for a nice little Las Vegas getaway.

First caveat, though. Trump Las Vegas is actually not on the strip. While the lobbies of other Las Vegas hotels shoot you directly out onto Las Vegas Boulevard, Trump is a bit tucked away. You can see the strip from your hotel room (depending on which room you’re in). And the strip isn’t that far of a walk. But it’s not technically on the strip.

It is, however, very convenient. Dart out the lobby, cross the road, and you’re right at the entrance of Nordstrom, which is inside the legendary Fashion Show mall. The retail paradise takes you directly to the strip, so it’s actually really convenient, especially on a hot summer’s day when the temperature reaches 120 degrees.

Another great thing about Trump Hotel & Casino is that it’s non-smoking. This is perfect if you hate sitting at the Blackjack tables next to smokers. Oh, and now’s probably a good time to mention that Trump Las Vegas actually doesn’t have a casino.

We know what you’re thinking. Seriously? A hotel in Vegas without a casino? Believe us, there are lots of them. And if you’re the type of gambler who loses a bit of control with all those bright Vegas lights, the lack of a casino can be a breath of fresh air (even fresher without all that tobacco smoke).

Where you’ll find it: Near Fashion Show mall.
Why we like it: It’s smoke free and there’s no casino, perfect if you want something quieter.

Elara Las Vegas

elara30032016Las Vegas has no shortage of 5-star food options, but if you’re the type of casino player who prefers to spend your money on gambling instead of dinners, you might be tempted by Elara. The Hilton Grand Vacations property is technically a timeshare, but anyone can rent a hotel room or suite as you could with any Hilton. And many of the rooms are not only spacious, but also feature kitchenettes or full kitchens. That means you can spend $100 and stock your room with breakfast and lunch items for the week instead of spending the equivalent of that each day.

The property is also a bit off the strip, directly behind Planet Hollywood. However, you can access the property from the shops that are attached to Planet Hollywood, so it really feels like you’re on the strip.

Where you’ll find it: Behind Planet Hollywood, accessible indoors from the shops.
Why we like it: It’s clean and comfortable, really nice, and features full kitchens.


palazzo30032016Let me preface this hotel by saying that I refuse to stay at any hotel owned by Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire who wants to shut down online gaming. While companies like Caesars and others welcome the opportunity to serve players in Vegas, Sheldon Adelson wants to shut them all down.

That said, his Las Vegas Sands properties are incredible, including The Venetian, which features canals just like in Tuscany. I found that property to be a little too cheesy in some respects, but Palazzo, its sister property, is very posh. I’ve stayed there twice (before Adelson went on his anti-online casino rampage) and the moment I saw the basic room I had booked, I was convinced I had been upgraded. I hadn’t, but the rooms are so impressive, luxurious, and well appointed that you’d think the same thing.

Where you’ll find it: Right next to The Venetian, right on the strip.
Why we like it: It’s comparable in class to The Venetian, without the cheesiness.

Mandalay Bay

mandalay30032016If you’re looking for a hotel in the center of the action, chances are you’ve discounted Mandalay Bay. It’s way down at the south end of the strip and can seem a bit isolated, especially since it’s the last big casino you’ll see (or the first if you’re coming straight up Las Vegas Boulevard and passing the famous Las Vegas Sign).

But Mandalay Bay should be on your shortlist. The hotel and casino is really an oasis in the middle of the desert. In fact, you might not even know you’re in the desert at all, especially with the manmade beach, complete with palm trees and sand. You’ll also find the Shark Reef aquarium that’s home to over 2,000 animals, a spa, and lots of places to spend your casino winnings.

Where you’ll find it: At the south end of the Strip, near the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign.
Why we like it: Forget pools. This place has its own manmade beach.

LINQ Las Vegas

linq30032016If you want to experience stylish, budget-friendly Vegas fun, The LINQ is your best bet. Situated right next to The Flamingo, The LINQ offers you modern décor and tons of outdoor shopping right at the foot of that very famous Ferris wheel, The High Roller. You can get a room for around $40 and it’s way nicer than you think. There’s also a bunch of great dining options, including Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar and of course a full casino.

Where you’ll find it: On the strip, next to The Flamingo.
Why we like it: It’s modern and chic at a budget-friendly price. Plus, you can’t beat the location.

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