The Best Breweries in Nevada

Nevada Breweries

Brewing beer has been a practiced art form since ancient times. Over thousands of years, different cultures developed and perfected the art of brewing. Beer has undergone several transformations to achieve the taste and effect which us beer-drinkers are so used to today. With breweries popping up around the world left right and center, it can be difficult knowing which one is going to provide you with that perfect pint. But, whatever your taste in tipple, you can be sure Nevada breweries offer plenty of chances to soak up the suds and get your taste buds hopping. Read on for the best microbreweries and craft beer halls in Nevada.

Breweries in Las Vegas, Nevada

Most Nevada visitors head to Las Vegas for the gambling, the resorts, and the nightlife. But it isn’t all cocktails and champagne in Sin City. Several fine Nevada breweries cater to beer lovers of all stripes. To add to the atmosphere, many of them brew their beers right on the premises. You can even see the brewing tanks with beads of cold condensation running down their stainless steel skins.

Big Dog’s Brewing Company, Las Vegas, NV

Big Dog's Brewing Co, Las Vegas

Located in downtown Vegas, Big Dog’s Brewing Company has been churning the hops since 1993. They offer over 8 signature brews along with 3-10 seasonal and reserve brews boasting the most exciting, flavorful blends. Some of their most popular and specialist beers include Red Hydrant Brown Ale, Black Lab Stout, War Dog Imperial and Lake Mead Monster. Another key feature about this place is their own Casino, where they home over 35 casino machines providing Video Poker, Keno, Slots and Video Blackjack.

Ellis Island Brewery, Las Vegas, NV

Ellis Island Brewery is not your typical brewery. Ellis Island is also a hotel & casino that has been a favored establishment among locals in Las Vegas for nearly 50 years. Located just a block away from the Las Vegas Strip, Ellis Island has been dubbed the number one brewery in Nevada. Ellis Island proudly pours over 1 million glasses of beer per year! The Las Vegas Review-Journal credited Ellis Island as the “Best of Las Vegas” in 2015 and 2016. They have 6 permanent brands ranging from dark to light, as well as a tender variety of seasonal flavors too.

Tenaya Creek Brewery, Las Vegas, NV

Tenaya Creek Brewery was originally a fine-dining restaurant as well as a brewery when it opened its doors in 1999. Soon, they came to realize their hearts were more in the craft of brewing rather than the food side of things. These days, they have their own brand of beers throughout multiple states including Nevada, Southern California, Arizona, Utah and even Canada! You can even find their brews circulating the skies, as they are one of the key beer suppliers for Allegiant Airlines.

Triple 7 Restaurant and Microbrewery, Las Vegas, NV

Triple 7 Microbrewery, Las Vegas

Triple 7 Microbrewery pours award-winning microbrews, as well as tapping 6 different varieties of the freshest hand-craft beers. Triple 7 has everything you could want in one place. Ample space boasts facilities for watching your favorite sports, and a restaurant serves up delicious American-themed cuisine. Enjoy juicy steaks, succulent ribs combos, gourmet burgers, hand-made pizzas, and scrumptious sandwiches. They even have their own sushi bar!

Sin City Brewing Co., Las Vegas, NV

Owned and managed by award-winning brewer Richard Johnson since 2003, Sin City Brewery truly lives up to its name. Their devilish signature craft beers come in 5 savvy, tasty varieties. Sip some Sin City Amber, Sin City Light, Sin City Stout, Sin City IPA and Sin City Weisse. All of Sin City’s beers contain nothing but raw ingredients and strict, traditional brewing methods in adherence to the 1516 German beer purity law (reinheitsgebot). This is for beer purists who don’t want flavors and other nonsense added to their brew. That would be a (ahem) sin. Sin City Brewing Co. is the only Las Vegas brewery said to still use this method.

Breweries in Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, Nevada is really just a southern suburb of Las Vegas. So you won’t need to go too far afield if you’re already in Vegas to sample the suds. So go ahead and expand your pub crawl to include the following craft beer houses and microbreweries in Henderson.

Crafthaus Brewery, Henderson, NV

Crafthaus Brewery, Henderson

Owned by husband and wife Wyndee and Dave Forrest, these guys have been home brewing the tastiest malty, hoppy and bubbly-infused beers for more than a decade. Soon after, they decided to turn their hobby into a full-time passion, and Crafthaus Brewery was open for business. These days they pour an extensive selection of craft beers and seasonal beverages. They also whip up some tasty bar-style snacks and meals like pizzas, cheese boards and charcuterie plates. Naturally, all of these tasty nibbles accompany the drinks perfectly.

Bad Beat Brewing, Henderson, NV

Bad Beat Brewing is another establishment pouring the finest in craft beers, hard cider, taps, and soft drinks. Bad Beat Brewing began serving up brews in 2014, with an initial capacity of 40 beer barrels. Today they have nearly triple that amount as well as a barrel aging program. All of their beers are brewed from barrel to bottle, by hand, in their very own tap house. They serve pizza, soft pretzels, and varieties of chips. It’s a great place to stop off for a cold one while you play some poker, giant Jenga, and steel tip darts.

Breweries in Reno/Sparks, Nevada

As the song goes, Johnny Cash shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. While that’s pretty harsh, luckily you can go to Reno these days for a cold beer in a variety of tastes and types. And while you’re there, hop over to neighboring Sparks for some wicked brews.

Brasserie Saint James, Reno, NV

Situated on top of a beautiful natural spring in Reno, the Brasserie Saint James is an archaic-style tavern serving the ultimate craft beers. It also serves the most delectable, home-prepared food within its vintage restaurant. It has won countless awards over the years, including winner for the most coveted ‘Best Mid-Size Brewpub’ and ‘Brewer’s Nation Award of Great American Beer.’ They serve up everything from traditional light beers, black lagers, pale ales and hoppy specials.

IMBIB Custom Brews, Reno, NV

Imbib Custom Brews, Reno

The name of this brewery specifically means “to receive into the mind” and that’s precisely what you can expect when you step foot into this beer-bistro. These guys have been in the business for almost 20 years. Imbib is renowned for its old-world, fresh barreled crafts and an extensive variety of hoppy, malty and easy-drinking brews. They also give their guests exclusive tasting sessions where they can sample all different kinds of beers, while learning some brewery basics at the same time.

Great Basin Brewing Company, Sparks, NV

Great Basin Brewing Co, Reno/Sparks

The Great Basin Brewing Company is said to be the oldest brewery in the state of Nevada. Great Basin runs the Sparks Brewery as well as the Reno Brewery. Both are complete with their own restaurants which serve tasty, perfect beer-pairing snacks and savory delights. When it comes to wrapping your lips around a pint glass, these guys sure know how to please. Great Basin boasts 10-14 beers on tap, with many seasonal and limited editions regularly on offer.


Obviously, wherever you choose to wet your whistle in Nevada, there are an abundance of craft-specializing establishments and microbreweries every few hundred yards. But if you are looking for true high-quality beer in the ‘Silver State’, these are certainly some of the places made to satisfy!

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