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Top 7 Smartest Slot Machine Cheats

There’s no better feeling than seeing those slot machine sirens light up, especially when you’re the one who set them off. Whether you hit a massive jackpot or you’ve won enough money to pay for dinner at the casino, it’s always an amazing feeling.

On the flipside, there’s no worse feeling than losing a bunch of money playing slot machines. It’s the mere concept of losing that prompted some ballsy players to implore some slot machine ingenuity and trick the system into thinking they’ve either won or have a decent bankroll. Today, in part one of our slot machine cheating series, we’re going to explore three of the world’s most infamous slot machine cheating methods that people actually tried.

Yo-Yo Quarters

The thing about slot machines is that they require nickels or quarters to play them. That’s great if you end up winning money in the long run. But if you’ve only got a few bucks to work with, you could end up losing everything in one shot—and then it’s game over. It gets even worse if you only have one single quarter to work with.

slot cheats

Well, maybe not. One of the oldest ways to trick a slot machine involves attaching a string to a coin and dropping it into the machine until the slot assumes a payment has been made. Then, the cheater pulls the string to bring the coin back up. This method actually worked on old slot machines, but today’s machines are far to sophisticated to be fooled by a piece of string.

Fake Coins

fake coin cheat

You have to spend money to win money, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe you can just spend round pieces of metal disguised to look like real money. Yup, one man actually counterfeited a bunch of slot machine coins using metal. They were accurate in terms of size and weight, so the machines were completely tricked into thinking they were real.

Slot Machine Bill Acceptor Cheats

slot machine cheats

Today’s slot machines take dollar bills. And while modern machines use all kinds of laser technology to verify the authenticity of the bills being inserted, machines of yesteryear weren’t nearly as advanced. So back in the day, someone created a tiny device that is inserted into the bill feeder. Inside are two prongs that trick the machine into thinking a bill has actually been inserted. The device was disguised by a real bill around it, so casino employees passing by would be none the wiser about the cheating underway on the casino floor.

Intrigued by all this slot machine cheating? Think you have what it takes to break the rules and bust the house? We don’t recommend it. Trying to cheat a casino using any of these methods will definitely get you arrested and thrown in jail. Instead, we recommend employing a betting strategy to try and bust the house. Or, just play for free and you’re guaranteed to break even. You can do so right now at Slots of Vegas. But don’t spend too long playing. We’ll have more cheating stories for you next week so come back more some more fun.

Shaved Coins Slot Machine Cheats

shaved coin slot cheat

Slot machine developers created a smarter system of identifying coins in an effort to combat fake coins. They came up with an optic verification sensor system that would reject any coin that wasn’t real. Or so the casinos thought. People well-versed in the optical coin verification system figured out that shaving down a coin could trick the system into thinking an actual coin was played. The machine programmers caught onto the scam and developed a second system that would measure size and weight, but not all machines relied on both pieces of technology.

Top-Bottom Joint

slot joint cheat

Back in the 1970s, scammers developed a tool that was essentially a guitar string attached to a bent metal rod. The rod would jam the metal contacts to activate a circuit that would dispense the coins. It basically tricked the machines into thinking that a win took place even when one didn’t. This method of cheating feels a lot more like stealing than any of the others. This low-tech slot machine cheat really is tantamount to lock picking.

Computer Chip Swap

slot chip swap cheat

What if you had the key to every slot machine at a casino? And what if, in a matter of just three minutes, you could swap the circuit board inside the slot machine with one that was guaranteed to hand you a jackpot? That’s exactly what one scammer did. And he did it well, allegedly winning over $5 million by sneaking into casinos, opening a random slot with a key he got on the black market, and replacing one chip inside the machine with one he made at home.

Computer Glitch Exploit

slot glitch cheat

Is it really stealing and cheating slot machines if the casino made the mistake? A video poker machine known as The Game King featured a hidden glitch that allowed players to somehow win the biggest payouts by playing the smallest stakes. The glitch was uncovered and taken advantage of before the casino caught on. The men who figured out the glitch were charged with hacking crimes. However they were eventually dropped since the glitch was hardwired into the video machine, not the result of a hack.

Win Slots without Cheating

Remember, this isn’t a “how to” post. The above should be used for entertainment and entertainment only, so don’t try any of this at home (or at any casino for that matter). If you want to win at slots without having to resort to cheating, play at Slots of Vegas. We have all your favorite slots with some of the highest payouts in the industry.

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