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Omaha Poker Rules: Learn the Game In 3 Simple Steps

Playing the game Omaha Poker is enjoyable and profitable at the same. Those who want to learn about this exciting gambling game needs to know the rules that experts are using and following. It’s not just all about betting and playing. You need to know the simple steps that make you successful. Having double thoughts now? Worry not. Everything that you need to know about the game will be discussed here, in details. So read on and learn.



Before you will play this aggressive and expensive game, it’s essential that you will have the full idea of what to do and how it’s played. This game is known to be played by intelligent and aggressive people, with the highest pot to offer. Let’s start with then “Setup” of the game. You need at least two and a maximum of ten players with chips to start the game. The dealer then instructs two players to open the “blind” consisting of the big amount and the small amount. Once everyone’s ready, cards will be randomly distributed face up. The person who gets the big blind will get the card first, and vice versa. The first distribution will be four cards each.


Once the cards are distributed, players will then start with the exciting phase of the game – the preflop, which is also known as “the betting rounds”. By this phase of the game, every player is required to have the same amount of money or chips for betting. It’s also required that all of them have to perform their act. The tension and excitement will be very high as soon as the game starts, so you better stay calm and focused.


Considering that all players have played their part, the remaining or surviving players will now play with each other in the “showdown” phase of the game. The rule is really simple: the player who has the best card will get the deal of fortune. The ranking of the players is evaluated based on the combination of the cards that they have on hand. Each card has corresponding value and will be scored according to pairs.


There are charts online that you can check on to know what the values of all card pairing combinations are. The players with the pair of cards having the highest value will win the game. If no player has a strong pair, the spot will be determined on who has the single card with the highest value, and so on and so forth. The player, who wins the game, will get all of the pot and another game will start following in the same format.

Now that you know the Omaha poker rules, it’s time for you to explore other options to learn the game. if you’re familiar with other similar betting games like Texas Hold’em poker, loving and mastering this game will be as easy as humming the tune of your favorite song. You just need to keep on studying by checking on helpful articles online that will teach you tricks and strategies you can use to outwit other players and take the winning money.

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