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3 Unknown Ways to Play Slot Machines

Slot machine players have their habits. They may have tricks to win big by picking the right machines at a casino or wagering a certain amount on each spin. But, did you know there are a few pretty unknown ways to play and win at slot machines? Of course, they aren’t foolproof. And they don’t guarantee you’ll win. In fact, anyone who offers you a guaranteed way to win at slot machines is likely just trying to sell you something. We aren’t – which is why our advice is free. Our slot machine playing guide doesn’t guarantee that you will make any money. That being said, successful slot machine players swear by these below methods, especially when playing slot machines at online casinos – so keep these in mind. You never know if they’ll come in handy and help you hit a mighty jackpot one day!

The Double Dip

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You already know that you can play multiple slot machines at the casinos in Vegas. But did you know you could do the same online? The act of “double dipping” was first heard as a tactic used by poker players. But as the trend grew in popularity, others discovered it could be applied to different classes of casino games too. Not all casinos allow you to play multiple slots at the same time. But you can easily play at two different online casinos simultaneously using the same PC or Mac. To stretch the idea of this method further, you could even play alongside your significant other and double your chances at winning.

The Win Streak Break

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On a huge winning streak? The second that streak is broken by a loss, take a break. We don’t mean leave the machine. But it’s certainly worth taking a 5-10 minute breather so you can recoup your thoughts, emotions, and strategy. Many players will cop-out of playing a slot machine when they suffer a sudden loss. But you’re far more likely to be successful if you have a clearer head when you next sit down to the game, rather than riding off your anxiety and desperation to see an immediate win. When it comes to playing online, this tip is even more valuable. You’ve got no worries about other players hopping into your seat. So it’s a good opportunity to grab a coffee and come back with a refreshed mindset.

The Jackpot Jumper

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With slots that involve progressive jackpots, your chances of winning are about the same as they are for other players – regardless of how long you’ve been playing. It’s like winning the lottery. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing for an hour or a minute, you could easily win a jackpot. But some people believe that you’re not likely to hit the jackpot if you’ve been racking up wins consistently. So if you’re at a hot machine, while you might make big gains, you won’t hit the jackpot. This isn’t based on science, but several hardcore jackpot enthusiasts believe exactly that. These players have employed the “Jackpot Jumper” method.

It’s pretty simple. If you’re on a hot streak and winning a lot already, find a new machine. This goes against conventional wisdom which says you should stay at a machine when it’s hot. But if you’re goal is to hit a massive jackpot you should jump out for a few minutes and hop back on later. Fans of this method argue that because randomness is at play, you aren’t necessarily trading in your hot streak for a losing streak. You might just be trading in your hot streak for a slightly less successful machine, but with a bigger shot at popping the jackpot.

Final Thoughts

So now you have 3 well-proven ways slot machine players can increase their chances at hitting it big. Of course these aren’t the only tactics you can used to maximize your chances. But they are certainly some of the less conventional ways people have been successful over the years. Particularly with online slots! If you’re looking for additional ways to give yourself the upper hand when playing slots online, feel free to check out the Slots of Vegas blog. There you’ll find detailed guides such as 6 Slots Tips and Tricks to Beat the Odds, The Psychology Behind Slot Machines, What to Look for in a Good Slots Game, among many other helpful articles on many other games we offer on our site.

We’re confident that once you’ve scanned your eyes through a few of them, you’ll feel a lot more at ease when playing your next favorite slots game. And the best part is, you can hone your skills by playing slots for free before you risk any real money. Now go out there, own the slot, and hit that mighty big jackpot!

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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