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4 Unexpected Facts about Online Casino Technology

With the staggering growth of the online casino industry in recent years, one could only guess that with so many casinos opening their “doors” to the internet, the technology used to power these sites must be truly amazing and complex. Patterns and numbers swirl around an infinite vortex of code like something out of a Matrix movie, while red-eyed developers sit in at a ball-and-chain-style desk in front of it, constantly programming new algorithms that would give any normal human an instant headache.

But, luckily we’re able to break down a few interesting pieces of technology which casinos use; not delving any deeper than needed. So, without further ado, here are 4 unexpected facts about the technology behind online casinos that we want to share with you:

#1 – Developers


So going back to those bleary-eyed software monkeys: have you ever played Words with Friends, Farmville, or any of those other super addictive Facebook games, or rather have you ever played any of the Mystery Case Files, Hidden Expedition, or Shiver game series? If you have, you’ve undoubtedly played a game developed by the famous Zynga and Big Fish Studios. These two game developers and their expert programming teams have had their foot in the gaming industry for almost 17 years; producing games for social apps like Facebook and other mobile gaming platforms. Recently they entered the online casino market by offering their members online casino game apps that they can play on their phones or browsers. Fortunately, they are also developing online casino technology that will make online casino games even more amazing and fun to play than they already are.

#2 – Money Management


Online casino technology also includes software and systems that allow casino members to deposit money and withdraw winnings using electronic payment systems such as:

  • Neteller – On June 28, Neteller closed their program to join with Skrill. It’s worth noting that existing Neteller customers may be required to register a Skrill account.
  • Bitcoin – Bitcoin is one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency providers. You can use Bitcoin to both deposit and withdraw funds at your request.
  • BankWire – A wire transfer service which allows for sending and receiving money. Wire transfers are subject to special requirements unlike the others. This means the minimum withdrawal is $200 when using this method at most online casinos.

Each online casino will have their own approved payment and withdrawal methods, but these are the common methods used here at Slots of Vegas. Also, many online casinos allow for deposits using pre-approved credit card transactions. This is because online casino technology is advancing very quickly, and casino members can place bets and bank their winnings without worrying how the money will get from their bank to the online casino bank, and vice versa.

#3 – Loss Prevention


In many cases, online casino technology has been modified to act as casino surveillance. These types of programs monitor the online game rooms to pinpoint who’s playing fair, who’s trying to cheat (it’s REALLY hard to cheat at online poker), and who’s playing suspiciously. These programs will monitor, record, and index this information, which online casino website administrators can use to determine if a member needs to be removed.

#4 – Keeping it Random


There are no patterns or strategies that will work for online casino games. Why? Nearly all casino gaming technology incorporates random number generators into their programming. These RNGs randomly generate numbers which will are then interpreted into a specific card combination, specific symbol on a slot machine, or a certain bonus payout. Not only do RNGs act to make online gambling fair, it can also make it more exciting!

Some of these facts aren’t totally unexpected, but they certainly don’t come to mind when you log into the Slots of Vegas online casino website and deposit your money. Slots of Vegas is committed to providing the best Vegas-like atmosphere and high quality Las Vegas style games to our members. You can learn more about the technology behind your favorite Slots of Vegas games by contacting us.

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