Top 4 Casino Myths Exposed

Top 4 Casino Myths revealedThere are the skeptical and there are those who’ll buy any old story. That’s why we’d like to expose the most common casino myths. Some are outrageous stories with no foundation at all, some do make a lot more sense but to the disappointment (or the satisfaction) of many, turn out to be just an old wives tale. To know for sure, what better than to ask the veracity of these myths to the good people at the Casino itself? Here are the answers:


Myth: Casino personnel watches players through the casino surveillance system and decide who wins or whose winning streak is about to end. Fact: Many Casino owners in Vegas would probably like that, but land-based casinos as well as online facilities are supervised by strict authorities and guidelines that ensure all operations take place in full transparency. Besides, think about it, with the number of players enjoying casino games at any given time (in a brick and mortar, or an online casino) it’d be virtually impossible to keep track of every single players’ play session and progress.


Myth: Counting and keeping track of the symbols on the reels will help you figure out the odds of that machine. Fact: Unfortunately for players who wish this “technique” would work, with a Random Number Generation system, not even Rainman can help you with predicting the odds. Being a computer system, it is mathematically designed to program millions of combinations in a matter of seconds, like an algorithm: definitely not meant for a human being to figure it out by simply counting numbers or symbols.


Myth: A machine that hasn’t paid in a while is due to hit soon: Fact: A machine’s spins are random and each spin has no relation to the previous one. The fact that a player has invested hundreds of dollars in a machine that has not hit in a while, is no guarantee that it will pay out a huge jackpot soon .


Casinos pump oxygen to the casino floor to keep players fresh, awake and gambling Fact: Coercing players to gamble in any way, especially in a way as deceitful as what we just described would represent a crime punishable by law. Casinos do employ design techniques that psychologically make players feel at ease, comfortable when playing however, their decision to do so continues completely theirs.

It is no surprise that the fascinating world of casinos would spark a number of rumors and myths: after all the mysterious nature and allure of the casino experience is intriguing to many; but it is definitely important to keep an objective perspective when it comes to believing or not, everything that is said about casinos, whether these may be online or land based facilities.

Do you know any other casino myths you’d like to dispel? What are the craziest casino stories you’ve heard. Share them with us!

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.