Things you need to know about playing slot machines

Slot machines are the most popular games in a casino — way more popular than table games and video poker combined. Casino slols also the most popular games for misconceptions. Today, we’re going to clear up some of the biggest ones around.

There’s no such thing as hot and cold slot machines

innerhotcold17062015You’ve probably heard people talking about hot and cold slot machines or loose and tight ones. In a nutshell, hot and loose slot machines are those that pay out frequently while cold and tight ones rarely seem to pay out anything at all. Many people hit hot and cold streaks, or they perceive to hit them. But the truth is while there are hot and cold streaks, there’s nothing scientific that makes a slot machine hot or cold. Slots are completely random, so if a machine feels hot, randomness just happens to be working in your favor.

Waiting 10 second between betting and spinning won’t improve your odds

inner10seconds17052016Superstitious players believe that they have extra control over the slot machine outcome. One common belief is that waiting 10 seconds between placing a bet and spinning the reels will somehow trick Lady Luck into handing over buckets of cash.

Slots on the end of slot machine banks pay out more

innerend17062015This one actually has some truth to it. Some casinos will put machines with higher payouts on the end of a bank. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the payouts are more frequent. But it means that payouts are generally higher. This could be done for marketing purposes, the same way higher payout machines often end up near the door of a casino. Many players find the end machines extra attractive, though the payouts don’t necessarily have much to do with it. People gravitate to higher payout machines for another reason too. They’re more comfortable there because there’s only one person to their right or left, not both. That comfort leads players to associate those machines with positive things, which could make them think they’re earning higher payouts even when they’re not. To know more, check our 6 casino slots tips and tricks.

There’s no difference between a lever and a button

innerlever17052016For decades, the reels of slot machines were spun by pulling a lever. When computer technology and Random Number Generators kicked in, the lever still remained as the tool to signal those reels to start spinning. But most people assumed that the because the lever is mechanical (in that there is some human control), the results of the reels are more random. This is simple not true. Whether a button is pushed or a level is pulled, modern slot machines are computerized and behave the same way as online slots. Pulling the lever or pushing the button makes no difference whatsoever.

Just because a slot machine technician worked on a machine, it doesn’t make it any less lucky

innertechnician17062015If you see a slot machine technician walking away from a slot machine, you might assume one of two things. Either the machine just paid out big time or the machine has malfunctioned. Either way, you might assume that the machine is being reset, so it might not pay out big anytime soon. Slot machines are completely random, so technically a machine could pay out a million-dollar jackpot 10 minutes after it paid out a similar one.

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Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.