Back by Popular Demand: The Las Vegas Theme Park

Back in May, the Slots of Vegas team took on the difficult task of describing the perfect Las Vegas theme park. The reception was so positive, that we turned to our players to build on our ideas. What you guys came up with was absolutely mind boggling, and it showed the Slots of Vegas team that we were nowhere near having the perfect idea. Instead of going back to the drawing board, we took the opportunity to pick the brains of our players for some amazing ideas for a Sin City amusement park.

In addition to rewarding three lucky players with $500 free chips, we also promised a blog post recapping your ideas. You did your part, now it’s time for us to do ours. Let’s take a virtual tour through the perfect Las Vegas theme park, as described by our loyal players.

A Ferris Wheel

One of the best ways to get a feel for the layout of a huge theme park is to find the tallest attraction and take a ride. Few rides are taller than a Ferris wheel. Our Vegas amusement park would feature a huge Ferris wheel front and center, as suggested by Dana Belgrave. This wouldn’t be just any Ferris wheel, though. In line with the casino theme, our Ferris wheel would be decorated like a roulette wheel. Would you take a seat in a red basket, or would you hold out for a black basket? What about the two green baskets? Yeah, our Ferris wheel is based on an American roulette wheel.

Regardless of which seat you choose, the trip to the top is sure to be exciting, and when you reach the summit, a fantastic view of the Las Vegas Strip will be the reward. Is there anything better than an unimpeded view of all those glittering lights? What, a jackpot win? Well yeah, that’s probably the better option.

Slot Machine: The Ride

Ms. Marlene Murdock got the ideas started with a fantastic attraction to set the tone for the new Las Vegas theme park. Imagine walking through the gate and fixing your gaze on an enormous slot machine complete with visitors riding the reels. Much like playing at the casino, this slot ride would combine the adrenaline of non-stop action with the excitement of a potential win.

If moving round and round at high speeds isn’t enough to pique your interests, the chance to win a free commemorative coin if the reels stop spinning in the correct location surely will be. Of course, Slot Machine: The Ride is just one of Marlene’s amazing contributions to the Las Vegas park. She also suggested the addition of a nice casino or two, and we can’t argue with that. After all, casinos are the backbone of Las Vegas’s tourism industry.


The Bubble Bubble Haunted House

One of our most popular slots is Bubble Bubble. Its amazing, Halloween-themed graphics and magical gameplay have captured the interest of Slots of Vegas players, and they’re showing no signs of letting go. As such, it came as no surprise that one of your suggestions for a ride at our Las Vegas Theme Park was a Bubble Bubble themed haunted house.

Cheryl Godfrey set the stage, suggesting a full helping of witches, black cats and bubbling cauldrons. Imagine stepping onto a boat and floating through an abandoned mansion that’s loaded to the ceiling with tons of spooktastic thrills. When the bright lights of Las Vegas get to be too much, a quick trip on this dark and spooky boat ride would be enough to get you ready for a few more hours at your favorite casino.

If the ride doesn’t capture your interest, you’ll still have the option of loading up Bubble Bubble on your phone. There’s nothing quite like playing the slot that the ride is based upon while you’re still making your way through the haunted mansion.


Texas Hold ‘Em and Spin ‘Em

Anita LaFrance suggested adding a musical ride that encompasses the look and feel of a poker table for a truly engrossing ride. We’re thinking that the base would be green, much like the felt on a card table, while each car would feature a paint job that’s reminiscent of playing cards. If you’re feeling like a king at the Vegas theme park, you’ll want to take a seat in the King car. If you’re more of a joker, the ride will still have you covered.

The key to walking away a winner is to make sure you Texas hold onto your lunch throughout all of that spinning. By the time the game comes to an end, you’re sure to be feeling more than a little dizzy.


Pinball Party

While it’s not every day that you come across a pinball machine on a casino floor, Susan Hoppe’s idea to create a pinball themed ride was just too good to pass up. Riders would step inside one of those clear, inflatable balls before charging through an obstacle course designed to look like a classic pinball machine.

We’re not sure if a plunger to launch the visitor at the beginning of the ride is a practical possibility, but there’s no doubt that it makes for a cool idea. Maybe riders could even compete to see whose ball lasts on the table the longest. For that, Lindsay McCollum’s idea of having riders place fun wagers against each other would be a terrific fit.


When we asked you guys to give us some ideas about the perfect rides for a Las Vegas amusement park, you absolutely exceeded our expectations. While acquiring enough prime real estate to make this park into a reality is practically impossible, it’s still fun to take an imaginary trip to an amusement park created by Slots of Vegas players.

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