Slots Games Enemies: Drunk Players

We have to admit it: they are enemies no matter what you play…

Been to Vegas? Then you know that on the weekend, things get busy. Like moths to a flame, Las Vegas casinos attract a record number of college kids and young professionals from California and neighboring states, all looking to take the edge off and enjoy the weekend. They tend to get plastered like mad, which is all well and good if they keep their shenanigans outside. But when they bring their drunkenness into the casino, that’s just not cool, especially if you’re a slots player. Today, we’ve got five ways a drunk slot machine player can ruin your game.

They can force you to move seats
There’s nothing better than being on a roll, especially when you’ve hit a winning streak. But that can all go downhill when a drunk casino player stops near your machine. Perhaps they claim that they were playing at that machine before you got there. There’s no reasoning with a drunk player, so you can either call security or switch seats and try your luck somewhere else.

innerdrunk09102015They get angry when you’re playing more than one machine
I love playing two slots at the same time. It’s more fun that way and it’s cool to win on two machines simultaneously. Most slot players don’t mind if you do this, particularly because there’s usually a large bank of similar machines for them to enjoy. But drunk players don’t consider logic before opening their mouth, so be prepared to argue with a drunk player.

They can spill beer on your machines
Have you ever walked by a slot machine and found the buttons to be a little too sticky? It’s probably caused you to switch machines and you’ve chalked it up to overuse. But in all likelihood, a drunk player spilled beer all over the machine, causing the buttons to stick. It’s one thing for that to happen while no one is playing, but it could also happen while you’re sitting at the machine. There really is nothing worse.

They can bash into the Spin button
Remember like five seconds ago when we said there’s nothing worse than a drunk person spilling beer on your machine? We lied. There is something worse. We’re talking about hitting the Spin button when you didn’t mean to. Perhaps you played too many paylines (or not enough). Or perhaps you didn’t bet enough, or you intended to bet the max. Whatever the case, you didn’t get to lock in your final decision as desired because some drunk player bashed into the Spin button while you were playing.

innerdrink09102015Their loudness just ruins a good timeSometimes, a drunk player can ruin your game without even doing anything. Just by being loud and obnoxious, a drunk slots player can totally ruin the vibe and force you to switch games. Best case scenario? You head over to a different bank of slot machines. Worst case scenario? You leave the casino entirely.

Worried about drunk players?
While the nature of a casino, especially in Las Vegas, means that you’ll likely run into drunk players, casinos usually do a good job of rooting them out. Unfortunately, they do a better job of doing so at the tables where casino employees are there to spot them (that isn’t so much the case at the slots). If you’re concerned about having your game ruined by a drunk slot player, play at Slots of Vegas instead. There aren’t any drunk players around to ruin your game. Just be sure to lay off the beer while you’re playing.

Colin Jones

Colin Jones is a born and raised Chicago writer specialized on topics related to the casino and gambling industry. Having years of experience on the field, Colin will keep you in touch with the latest news and advances on the casino industry.