The Thrill of Slots


I am from the deep south, where gambling is a “sin”. My sister and I have been to casinos before and loved it but didn’t want anyone to know we were there. We never won much but always had a great time. About 6 months ago, I had seen an advertisement for an online casino on Facebook. Of course, it was Slots of Vegas. I was skeptical at first but I downloaded the software and signed up for an account. I loved it! I didn’t dare play for real!!!! I told my sister about it and so it began our nightly ritual of playing the slots for fun online, while texting each other and sending pics of our ”play” winnings!

I never thought about depositing real money. I was just too scared. I had seen the big jackpots on some of the games and thought nobody ever won those for real. One night, about 4 months ago, I was playing the slots when my sister called my cell phone. I answered it and all I could hear was: -” I won, I won, I won”! – She could not breathe and just kept screaming -“I won”!!!!- After a few minutes, she finally was able to tell me that she had won the jackpot on Rudolph’s Revenge. I thought -“well, cool”-, thinking she was playing for fun. She said “Vicki, I won $26,000 playing real money!”-

NO WAY (I thought to myself), people don’t really play for real or win that kind of money. She sent me pics showing that she had won the jackpot. I was in shock. She had really been betting real money and won a jackpot of $26,000. I am still in shock!

I suddenly had this urge to bet real money. First, I deposited 20.00 and and that went really quick. I didn’t know for a long time that you could redeem coupons for bonus money to increase your account balance. When I ran out of money, I would go back to playing for fun and after a few days, switch over to real play and deposit 20.00. I go back and forth all the time. Over the past few months, I have learned a few tricks but still consider myself a “newbie”. It wasn’t too long after my sister had hit the jackpot that I was playing Mystic Dragon, betting .50 which is a HIGH for me!!! I hit $1000.00 on the bonus spin and I about had a heart attack. Boy, did I cash out fast!!!! I still play Mystic Dragon but my game of choice at the present is Return of the Rudolph.

I love seeing those Rudolph’s light up my screen with their noses blinking and that bat swinging!!! And boy does my heart skip a beat when I hit the bonus feature. There are 3 different bonus features, my favorite being Rudolph’s Rampage. You have a chance to win 50 free games, wild’s expanded on reel 3 and 4X your bet. You can really win mega bucks if you hit this feature.

So, for all of you that are still skeptical like I was, you can take my word for it (and my sister’s), you really can win money playing Slots of Vegas!!!!

Vicki Hallmark Dellinger

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    I’m the sister……and yes I really did win $26000. I receive acheck about every two to the Weeks for $2500….I love watching my savings account grow!!!

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    i also won another $2000 on rudoph’s revenge about a month ago!

  • I read your blog and thought I had already posted on it. It is not showing up so I am posting again. I loved your blog.

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    well this is just amazing and ive never believed anyone would actually win real money!

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    tell all your friends to read and comment on this blog….it is a TRUE STORY about Slots of Vegas….not just gambling in general.

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    Love your story Vicki and hope you win.I started on slots of vegas but I cant ever stop playing long enough to cash in.Its great entertainment and the bonuses are a great perk.good luck and keep on winning. robinm552

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