We just built the perfect Las Vegas theme park

Ahhhhh, Sin City. It’s the ultimate theme park for adults, complete with games, rides, and all sorts of attractions. But what if Las Vegas was a theme park everyone could enjoy? What if, much like Six Flags or Cedar Point or Universal Studios, there was a theme park modeled after Las Vegas?

Today, we’re exploring a few ideas for rides and attractions that would work perfectly in a Las Vegas theme park. If you’re a fan of Las Vegas or just love roller coasters and theme park rides, you’ll love what we just came up with, so read on.

Slot Coaster

We tend to take slot machines for granted. Pull a lever, watch some reels spin, and get paid out if you land on something. But the inner workings of a slot machine — particularly the old non-video slot games — are pretty amazing. We think it would be fun to turn the inside of a slot machine into a roller coaster.

In the Slot Coaster, you’ll climb a steep hill. As you do, a level alongside the hill will slowly tilt back. When you get to the top, it releases and the coaster shoots down the hill. While you’re riding, you can see reels along the track spinning, and gears grinding against one another. When you make it to the end, you get to find out if the reels line up.

Roulette Waterslide

innerslide09052016It’s always a blast to watch a Roulette ball spin round and round a Roulette wheel. Even if you haven’t place a bet, you can’t help but predict where it’s going to land. But what if you could actually become the ball? With the Roulette Waterslide, you’re seated in a giant tube, either by yourself or with friends. When the attended releases the flood gate, you go racing down the slide and into a giant wheel. Think of it as a giant toilet bowl, but obviously much, much cleaner (or maybe not, depending on what time of day you’re hitting the water park given the general dirtiness of water parks).

The wheel that you land in features rapidly shooting water, which forces you to keep spinning. The part of the wheel that you’re spinning on has numbers printed on them, just like a real Roulette wheel. The shooting water slowly decreases in pressure, which causes you to slow down. Eventually, you come to a stop on a part of the wheel.

The water park wouldn’t necessarily take bets on where you land, though they could perhaps incorporate betting and turn the rid into a carnival game, depending on local laws. But even without betting, this ride is sure to be a thrill.

Blackjack Interactive Ride

innerinteractive09052016Today’s theme parks aren’t just about roller coasters and waterslides. They’re about interactive 3D experiences. With the Blackjack interactive ride, you coast along a track with 3D glasses and a laser gun. Your goal is to hit as many Blackjacks as you can. But the ride isn’t as easy as you think. With only one face-up card, you have to choose wisely whether or not you want to hit a card.

The game is all about beating your own personal score. And the game is not entirely unprecedented. In Wonder Mountain’s Guardian at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto, you coast through a track inside a mountain shooting dragons and other monsters. Your goal is to beat your own score, which makes the game quite popular.

The Whale Restaurant

innerrestaurant09052016A trip to a theme park isn’t complete without food. But the Las Vegas theme park would ideally forgo mediocre burger and fries in favor of something Las Vegas frequenters are used to. We’re talking about great quality food. The Las Vegas theme park would incorporate delectable cuisine from high-end chefs so you’ll feel like you’re eating at a 5-star restaurant with award-winning chefs instead of eating at a burger joint with questionably cooked food prepared by a 14-year-old with barely any training.

The Whale Restaurant would be aesthetically pleasing, too, with posh décor, red carpets, velvet ropes, and so on. Of course, dress codes don’t apply here, since most patrons are likely to be in t-shirts and shorts.

The Bankroll Booster

innerbooster09052016Imagine hurling from the ground all the way up to 200 feet in the air in a matter of seconds? Welcome to the Bankroll Booster, a giant tower-like ride that shoots you from the ground all the way to the top before you know it. The tower in this ride resembles a giant stack of poker chips, making it even more authentic. But what goes up, must come down. Las Vegas is all about thrills and this one will deliver as you drop from 200 feet back down to the ground at an even faster speed.

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Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.